Ugali, Tanzania recipe


the Tanzanian side dish

An easy Chapati recipe

Learn how to prepare this exotic basic with this easy ugali recipe!

The polenta-like side dish is popular across Sub-Saharan Africa. What’s known as ugali in Tanzania and Kenya is called nsima or nshima in Zambia and Malawi or just pap in South Africa.

Ugali is not a dish by itself. It usually accompanies dishes. Similar to Chapatis, ugali is a side dish and utensil in one.

To eat ugali, form a small ball with hands and slightly smush it with your fingers. Form an indentation and use it to scoop up meats and veggies.

Ugali might seem a little stretchy, but we promise you’ll grow to love the slight popcorn flavor! Its light flavor makes it the perfect side dish for any kind of meat, fish or veggies