About us


this is Dani and Lauri and our journey beyond destination travel. All of us might travel for different reasons, but many of us travel with a purpose. May it be to take a break, to clear the mind, to experience freedom or to find the meaning of happiness. Some might even be on the quest for the place in life or a more fulfilled life.

With our journey, we want to take you beyond the obvious, to the unbeaten paths. When we travel our ways seem to be covered with luck: we get to know the most open-hearted and exciting people, we stumble upon the most delicious food and seem to always be right on time for an unforgettable experience.

By engaging in local rituals and routines, we tell stories about wonderfully unique people and extraordinary travel destinations across the world.

We love to experience things from a different perspective. Also, the way business is done. That’s why we introduce you to exciting social business and cultural tourism opportunities along the way.

Unique Universe wants to inspire you to explore the world with your eyes and hearts wide open, to listen to the stories of people and to live mindfully

  • Discover extraordinary travel destinations
  • Engage in cultural tourism
  • Learn about social businesses