Our Story

We are Dani and Lauri, two travelers on a journey to discover extraordinary travel destinations around the world while advocating for sustainable tourism. Our mission is to inspire others to explore the world with eyes wide open and hearts, full of love, listen to the stories of people, live mindfully, and take responsibility for our actions when it comes to tourism.

Through engaging in local rituals and routines, we share meaningful stories about unique people and incredible places. We also introduce you to exciting social business and cultural tourism opportunities along the way so that you can experience things from a different perspective – one that prioritizes sustainability and responsible traveling.

Our mission

Traveling can be one of the most rewarding experiences; discovering new cultures, landscapes, and people are all part of a journey. But at what cost? With tourism continuing to grow at an unprecedented rate, it’s time for us as travelers to consider whether our urge for discovery leads us down a less sustainable path that could result in more harm than good.

Unique Universe is on a mission to preserve the planet’s beauty and make sure it remains leagcy for future generations. With our Unique Universe Blog, we cover sustainable tourism with responsible travel advice, tips for eco-friendly activities and detailed accounts of community tourism. Our goal is to empower you to set out into the world, feel connected to nature while ensuring its preservation. So come join us and explore the diverse places, cultures and spaces that this magnificent planet has to offer, allowing us to pass along a better globe for our future generations.

Nungwi Beach, Sansibar Strand

Freequently asked questions

What is community tourism?

Community tourism is a form of responsible, sustainable traveling that gets travelers off the beaten path and into local communities around the globe – creating meaningful experiences like no other! Community tourism allows you to get an intimate understanding of different cultures while supporting local communities. 

Did you personally visit all the countries yourself?

Yes! We visited all countries, and checked out the activities and best places to stay for you!

What is sustainable tourism?

Travelers tend to think that sustainability and comfort are at odds with each other, but this isn’t necessarily the case. In actuality, we can combine our love of adventure and exploration with sustainable travel practices so everyone may reap the benefits. Sustainable tourism is more than just being eco-friendly – it’s about making sure local communities remain thriving in a way that truly respects their culture and lifestyle. It’s not always obvious or comfortable, but its impact on both locals and visitors alike can be felt far beyond what meets the eye!

Are you always traveling together?

Nope! Both of us enjoy traveling solo too much! Why? Traveling solo pushes us out of our comfort zone and is much more immersive!

Why are you always "backpacking"?

Taking a backpack rather than a suitcase allows to us to be a lot more independent and flexible. Backpacks are much easier carried to tree houses, beach huts, etc. 

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Did you stumble upon an exciting sustainable tourism project, or are you running one? Let me know! I’d love to know more!

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