Our Story

We are Dani and Lauri, two travelers on a journey to discover extraordinary travel destinations around the world while advocating for sustainable tourism. 

As we traverse the globe, we’re dedicated to positively impacting the places we visit while inspiring others to do the same. Join us on this remarkable journey as we uncover hidden gems and champion the cause of responsible travel.

Giving sustainable travel a voice

Unique Universe Blog is a trilingual oasis for avid travelers and adventure seekers. We are the compass to sustainable travel, local highlights, and cultural events.

In a world where travel has become synonymous with overcrowded tourist traps, we dare to venture off the beaten path, seeking authentic and sustainable experiences that will leave you awe-inspired and in love with the places.

Our mission is to ignite wanderlust while simultaneously fostering a profound respect for the diverse cultures and environments that make our world so captivating.

We provide you with authentic, first-hand experiences that transcend the ordinary. We’re here to give invaluable tips on sustainable tourism in each unique destination, from handpicked boutique hotels and locally-owned businesses to culturally enriching tours that go far beyond the confines of a traditional travel experience.

Nungwi Beach, Sansibar Strand

Frequently asked questions

What is community tourism?

Community tourism is a form of responsible, sustainable traveling that gets travelers off the beaten path and into local communities around the globe – creating meaningful experiences like no other! Community tourism allows you to get an intimate understanding of different cultures while supporting local communities. 

Did you personally visit all the countries yourself?

Yes! We visited all countries, and checked out the activities and best places to stay for you!

What is sustainable tourism?

Travelers tend to think that sustainability and comfort are at odds with each other, but this isn’t necessarily the case. In actuality, we can combine our love of adventure and exploration with sustainable travel practices so everyone may reap the benefits. Sustainable tourism is more than just being eco-friendly – it’s about making sure local communities remain thriving in a way that truly respects their culture and lifestyle. It’s not always obvious or comfortable, but its impact on both locals and visitors alike can be felt far beyond what meets the eye!

Are you always traveling together?

Nope! Both of us enjoy traveling solo too much! Why? Traveling solo pushes us out of our comfort zone and is much more immersive!

Why are you always "backpacking"?

Taking a backpack rather than a suitcase allows to us to be a lot more independent and flexible. Backpacks are much easier carried to tree houses, beach huts, etc. 

us walking in Chefchouen, the blue city in Morocco

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Did you stumble upon an exciting sustainable tourism project, or are you running one? Let me know! I’d love to know more!

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Dani combined her passion and profession.

As a marketing and public relations expert, she now dedicates her full time to consulting tourism projects and creating content. When not traveling, she enjoys time at in Munich, Germany with family friends and her dog.



Lauri is a lawyer by day and a blogger at heart.

After living in Colombia and Ecuador and extensively traveling Latin America, Lauri is now based in Munich. She has been exploring more of Europe recently.



Gilla is a teacher and travel addict.

Both teaching and traveling are in her DNA. During school holidays you’ll find her in the Caribbean.