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Kingston's beaches

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Treasure Beach

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Duration: at least 3 weeks

Best time to travel: May – October

Budget: $85 per day

Since my first backpacking trip to Jamaica, I have come back several times, and even after months of discovering the Caribbean island, I always long for more.
Jamaica’s setting amid the Caribbean Sea, its magical Blue Mountains, and its lively cities make up for an incredible destination that I can’t recommend enough visiting. Yet, the people won my heart from the very first minute. The Jamaican spirit, with all its passion, resilience, and thirst for life, is truly infectious and the reason for me coming back so many times.

Because I love the island nation and its people so much, I want to give you some food for thought. Jamaicans are some of the most welcoming and open people you will come across, even though the effects of mass tourism and colonial-era laws severely threaten livelihoods by preventing locals from beach access. Even though the island is surrounded by water, even less than 1% of the beaches are accessible to everyone. So, if you decide to travel to Jamaica, make sure not to stay in an all-inclusive hotel, which is a massive cause for loss of access.

  • Culture 90% 90%
  • Beaches 85% 85%
  • Nature 110% 110%
  • Activities 100% 100%

To me, Jamaica was not the typical beauty at first sight, but a country that grew in beauty with every day spent there. Backpacking Jamaica was sometimes exhausting and almost always different than expected, but the vibe was contagious and made me fall madly in love with the island nation.

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Experience Jamaica


Why visit Jamaica

Beaches in Jamaica

If you’re looking for breathtaking beaches, Jamaica is the place! The island nation is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. From white sand beaches to crystal clear waters, Jamaica has it all. So whether you’re interested in swimming, sunbathing, or simply taking in the stunning scenery, Jamaican beaches will impress you. While the beaches around Montego Bay and Negril are home to all-inclusive hotels, Portland boosts stunning smaller beaches. My favorites: The beaches in Portland and around Kingston!

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tanzania travel Zanzibar beaches

Jamaica’s Blue Mountains

In addition to its stunning beaches, Jamaica is also home to a lush and verdant jungle. The island’s jungle is full of hidden treasures, from waterfalls and natural swimming pools to hiking trails and hidden caves.

One of the most unique things to do in Jamaica is to hike through the Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains are home to some of the most beautiful scenery on the island, and walking through them is an experience you won’t soon forget. There are several different routes you can take depending on your fitness level. You’re sure to see some fantastic views along the way


Discover the Blue Mountains from

Jamaica’s stunning nature

Natural Blue Holes

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Jamaica is the Blue Hole. This natural swimming pool is located in the middle of a jungle, and it’s said to be bottomless. The water is crystal clear, and the views from the top are absolutely stunning.

Jamaica’s waterfalls

Jamaica is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. From Dunn’s River Falls to YS Falls, there are plenty of options for waterfall lovers. So if you’re looking for a truly breathtaking experience, check out Jamaica’s waterfalls!

Take a dip in Jamaica’s lush nature from

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Mount Klimanjaro

Experience Jamaica’s rich culture


Jamaica’s music scene extends far beyond Bob Marley and has influenced the world. Jamaican music is sure to get your feet moving from reggae to dancehall. The island nation is also home to some of the world’s most famous musicians, including Bob Marley and Sean Paul. So if you’re looking for a truly unique musical experience, add Jamaica to your list!

Art and Culture in Jamaica

Jamaica is home to a vibrant art scene. Plenty of art exists on this island nation, from traditional Jamaican paintings to modern sculptures. If you want to learn more about Jamaican culture, check out the local art galleries.

Jamaica’s Rastafari

Jamaica is also home to a unique culture known as Rastafari. Rastafari is a religion that originated in Jamaica, and it is based on the belief that Haile Selassie I, the former emperor of Ethiopia, is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Rastafarians often wear their hair in locks and follow a strict diet known as Ital. If you’re interested in learning more about this fascinating culture, visit one of the many Rastafarian villages located around Jamaica. You’ll find that the people are amicable and welcoming, and you’re sure to have a fantastic experience!

Food culture in Jamaica

Jamaican food is one of the best cuisines I’ve had the pleasure of tasting. Jamaican food is a unique blend of African, European, and Caribbean influences. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, from jerk chicken and rice and beans to ackee and saltfish. And don’t even get me started on the rum! Jamaica is truly a paradise for foodies. If you’re interested in experiencing some of the best cuisines Jamaica has to offer, check out one of the many cooking schools located around the island. You’ll learn how to cook traditional Jamaican dishes, and you’ll also get to experience the culture firsthand

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Get ready to travel Jamaica

Language: Patois and English
Currency: Jamaican Dollars and US Dollars

Public Transport in Jamaica

Route Taxis are the way to move around Jamaica. Official route taxis have a red license plate. You’ll see the route they are catering written on the doors. Route taxis are the cheapest and most flexible way to move around. Just be careful to enter/exit on the route. Otherwise, you’ll be charged as a charter taxi.

Public Bus: The bus stop is downtown. I couldn’t find a schedule. They seem to go more frequently than the Knutsford.
Knutsford: Jamaica’s luxury bus connects more significant destinations. Be aware that the time stated refers to calculated driving time and not the actual time to reach a destination. Adding to the driving time are stops and bus switches which are not apparent when buying the ticket.

Arriving at MoBay Sangster International is quite picturesque as the airport is located right by the beach. The airport is also only 10 minutes from the HipStrip, 15 to downtown, and 20 minutes up Mount Salem. Sangster International Airport is also small making it extra comfortable to move around.

Kingston airport is located about 20 minutes outside of Kingston.

Best time to travel Jamaica

The best time to travel to Jamaica is during the winter months. December through February is when the weather is the coolest and driest. However, keep in mind that prices for hotels and flights are usually higher during this time, and there are lots of other visitors, too. If you want to save money, consider traveling during the shoulder season (March-April or October-November). I love Jamaica in the low season as everything is more relaxed. The weather in October& November was excellent, with slightly more rain. In March, it was just perfect! Hurricane season lasts from June to November.

The average temperature in Jamaica is about 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius). However, it can get quite hot, especially in the summer months. June through August is when the weather is the hottest and most humid.

Is Jamaica safe?

During my solo backpacking trip, I felt very safe. Hustling can be intense from time to time, but it is manageable. However, Jamaica has some issues, and robberies do occur. The bigger cities such as Kingston, Montego and Negril are a bit unsafer than the countryside. However, you shouldn’t have any problems if you are a somewhat seasoned traveler.

Internet & Phone

I use Digicel whenever I travel to Jamaica. The connection has proven to be the best, and it’s easy to get a recharge. In addition, I get an Airlo basic starter plan so I can easily Uber from the airport and get settled with a local Sim.

Tap water in Jamaica

I have been drinking tap water in the bigger cities, and it was fine. However, the water quality may vary. And it’s advisable to bring your Lifestraw along.

Biggest challenges for the responsible traveler

Trash. Jerk Chicken, Jamaica’s staple food, almost always comes wrapped in aluminum foil, and many restaurants serve it in to-go boxes. Luckily enough, a foldable food container will go a long way.

Generally speaking, responsible tourism practices are not (yet) prevalent in Jamaica. Therefore, wear eco-friendly sunscreen when visiting waterfalls and the beach.

Sunscreen: Protect Marine life and wear reef-friendly sunscreen!

Tourism leakage: The majority of revenue from tourism in Jamaica leaves the country immediately. Make sure to support the local community by shopping and consuming locally.

Beaches access: Jamaica has a massive problem with resorts that are blocking beaches for the locals. Please do NOT support all-inclusive tourism and private beaches!

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Packing for Jamaica

As you see, there are plenty of things to experience in Jamaica. To come fully prepared, check out my packing list for Jamaica, which includes everything from eco-friendly toiletries to sustainable fashion and even the coolest travel gadgets!

Backpacking Jamaica?

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