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Central America is a diverse travel region and perfect for any independant traveler seeking to getaway. We want to inspire you along your journey, with unique tips and hints of favored destinations large and small. Central America has it all: tranquil beaches, vibrant culture and picturesque views to leave you breathless.

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From Mexico to Panama, there are lots of unique beaches if you are looking for a place to relax, unwind and get back in touch with nature. Whether you’re yearning for a secluded paradise or an energizing party spot, you’ll find it among the picturesque coastlines and tranquil turquoise seawater. On some beaches, you can go snorkeling in crystal clear waters and observe fascinating coral reefs teeming with marine life; others have sublime white sand perfect for early morning yoga meditation or sunset strolls along the shore.



Beach in Potosi, Nicaragua
Isla Ometepe sunset from Zopilote


Exploring Central America and its majestic volcanos has been one of the most exciting adventures I have ever embarked on. From the out-of-this-world sunrise views at Acatenango in Guatemala to the glimmering lava o  Nicaragua’s Masaya volcano, being up close to nature, there is one of a kind. Seeing these beautiful Volcanos with my own eyes has made me appreciate the world around us even more.


I’ve had the incredible honor of exploring Central America multiple times – each occasion has left me even more enthralled with its vibrant culture. From the cobblestone streets of Granada, Nicaragua, to the lush rainforests of Costa Rica, or even the breathtaking beaches of Panama, you find an indescribable sense of contentment while immersing yourself in Central American customs and traditions. Every destination I explore seems like a pearl in a mosaic – unique and full of life! Whether it be experiencing ancient Mayan ruins or floating between trendy beach bars for sunset cocktails – there’s always something captivating for you to enjoy.

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What to pack for trip to Central AmericaAre you ready to explore Central America? Whether you plan on visiting for one week or three months, packing the right items for your journey is essential so that your experience can be as exciting and comfortable as possible....

Zanzibar | Discover the most beautiful beaches

Zanzibar | Discover the most beautiful beaches

The beaches in Zanzibar are stunning. White palm trees seam white sandy beaches with perfectly turquoise water. Even though Zanzibar has been a popular tourist destination for quite some time, you’ll still find authentic, quiet villages and empty beaches.

San José – Costa Rica’s less charming capital

San José – Costa Rica’s less charming capital

Many people who visit Costa Rica skip San José and head straight to places like La Fortuna,
Monteverde, and other natural wonders. Those places are marvelous to see, and we highly
recommend them. However, if you have a few more days to spend in Costa Rica, we suggest
stopping in San José. This authentic city has numerous cultural sights, a robust food scene, and
plenty to do.

Copan –  a pleasant if not surprising stop in Honduras

Copan – a pleasant if not surprising stop in Honduras

We traveled to Central America a couple of times and had the chance to see several Maya sites along the way. Each impressive in its own way. Contrary to other Maya ruins across Central America. You’ll often have Copan to yourself. The mysterious archaeological site boasts remarkable hieroglyphics and sculptures. On top of that, the town of Copan itself is drop-dead charming.

Santa Ana – a volcanic crater lake and colonial charm

Santa Ana – a volcanic crater lake and colonial charm

Excited for the last volcano for this journey was awaiting us tomorrow. Volcano Santa Ana’s incredibly impressive crater marks the highlight for many travelers coming to El Salvador for a good reason. We were left speechless (and breathless) when we first set our eyes on the turquoise crater lake.

Suchitoto – the place of flowers and birds

Suchitoto – the place of flowers and birds

Suchitoto almost feels like a little journey in time and space after we visited busy San Salvador. The city’s name originates from the Nahual language and translates into “place of flowers and birds.” Known as the cultural capital, Suchi’s colorful historic houses are home to art galleries, boutique hostels, and NGOs. On top of that, little Suchitoto offers and exciting surrounding for outdoor and history enthusiasts.

San Salvador – a resilient capital, rich in history, scars and hope

San Salvador – a resilient capital, rich in history, scars and hope

San Salvador, El Salvador’s resilient heart. The capital bears deeps scares, many of them still visible at Centro Histórico and in the hearts and memories of its inhabitants. Its heartache was omnipresent, yet the city’s fierce determination for a better future, its hopes and aspirations are infectious and the reason why San Salvador is our favorite capital in Central America.

Surfing El Salvador: Discover El Cuco & Playa Las Flores

El Cuco is a sleepy little village. It’s busier on the weekends as many El Salvadorians come to enjoy the stunning beaches. El Cuco is winged by two impressive beaches on either side, Playa Esteron, a remote white-grey sand beach, and Playa Las Flores, which boasts world-class waves for surfing.

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