Pilau Recipe


spice rice – an explosion of flavors

Fatima’s pilau recipe

During our stay in Zanzibar, we got to know Fatima, her husband, and her family a bit better. It was nice to stay outside of town because we were able to observe the authentic village life.

One evening, Fatima introduced us to this tasty pilau recipe. Pilau is considered a typical Zanzibari dish. On the island its also called spice rice.

This pilau recipe is quick and easy while loaded with delicious flavors. Spice rice makes up for a veggie dish by itself, but as we were close to the sea with access to fresh tuna, Fatima proposed to add it to the rice.

The term Pilaf is often used when referring to rice which is cooked in broth. The technique originated in the Middle East but quickly spread across continents. It’s an intensely flavourful dish which will stimulate your taste buds!

The list of ingredients is quite long, but don’t let it scare you! It’s really easy to and quick to prepare.