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Discover 2237 miles of Pacific coast

An insider‘s guide to Ecuador’s beaches

Ecuador, the small Andean country offers its visitors plenty of things to discover. Quito, the highest capital in the world, picturesque villages, Quichua culture, Amazonian rainforest, and not to forget: the Galapagos islands. Many travelers, therefore, decide to skip the Pacific coast (as Dani did). However, Ecuador’s beaches do no only offer excellent surfing, but also almost deserted beaches and charming villages. To me, Ecuador’s coast is a truly underrated gem which should not be missed.

The perfect beach for everyone

Ecuador’s 2237 miles of coastline offer the perfect beach for everyone. Relaxation-seeking travelers find peace in Canoa. Mompiche offers more adventures and excitement, while Puerto Lopez offers vast empty beaches and excellent whale watching. If you are into surfing, I’d recommend you to visit Mantañita, which is also a popular backpacker’s hotspot.

While Dani is off to explore Mindo by horse, I returned to Ecuador’s Pacific coast for the 4th time. Edu, my best Ecuadorian friend accompanied me on my journey.



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