Cuyabeno: Ecuador's rainforest at sunset


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A travel guide to Ecuador’s rainforest

While I worked as a receptionist at the Community Hostel in Quito, I often helped visitors plan tours through Ecuador,  hoping to get the chance to go, too. So naturally, I was thrilled when I finally got to organize and accompany a tour. It turned out that the wait was well worth it. Until today, my visit to Ecuador’s rainforest marks one of my all-time travel highlights.

La Selva Ecuador – Biodiversity in the Amazonas

The Amazon in Ecuador is the most diverse and species-rich area in the world! It’s amazing! The fauna and flora complement each other to form a unique biological reservoir.

I observed the wild nature with absolute awe, but I also felt uncanny at times. When sleeping, eating, and living in the middle of the jungle, you naturally encounter many wild animals and insects. I hoped that the tarantula crawling on the ceiling above our heads had no intention of coming down to us.
My trips to Ecuador’s rainforest were my highlights during my journey through Ecuador. The feeling, the smell, and the sound of the rainforest are incredible! It’s a place I hope to return to for a more extended period.

Two ways to visit the Amazonas

If you are planning on going with a tour, which might be the best choice for your first visit, you have two options: Tena or Cuyabeno. If you are more of the independent explorer, head to Tena. You can arrange various tours from there. However, there is no way to visit Cuyabeno without a tour, planned in advance.