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Anden Highlands, Rainforests, incredible wildlife & stunning beaches

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Ecuador Itinerary

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Duration: at least 3 weeks
Best time to travel: June – October
Budget: $45 per day

Lauri has long lost her heart to the small Andean nation. After working and living in Ecuador for months, she was eager to return. Ecuador is a country that is teeming with natural beauty and cultural experiences. A visit to the Galapagos Islands has been on our bucket list for a long time, and we were very excited to go. With giant tortoises, wild sea lions, exotic lizards, and diverse snorkeling, Galapagos has it all. The capital city of Quito is also worth a visit – it’s one of the highest capital cities in the world and is home to a variety of colonial buildings. In this article, we’ll share some of the best places to visit in Ecuador, including the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon rainforest, stunning beaches, and more. We’ll also provide tips on how to experience the culture and what to expect while backpacking in Ecuador.

  • Culture 90% 90%
  • Food 85% 85%
  • Parties 110% 110%
  • Activities 100% 100%

We visited Lauri’s friends, lived it up, and enjoyed every minute in this fascinating city. With its charming roughness, open people, and countless things to do, Quito is one of our favorite cities in the world. Despite stunning landscapes, the Amazonian rainforest, and stunning beaches, Ecuador’s culture and strong Quichua heritage make up for a diverse travel experience.

Things to do in Ecuador

Why visit Ecuador

The Andes in Ecuador

The Avenue of the Volcanoes is one of the most beautiful and inspiring places on Earth. This chain of immense volcanoes forms the Ecuadorian Andes and has been a source of inspiration for natives and travelers alike for centuries. The views from these mountains are simply awe-inspiring, and the rich Andean culture is something that should experience.

Best places to explore Ecuador’s Andes


Ecuador’s rainforest

Ecuador may be small, but it more than makes up for it with the diversity and beauty of its Amazon rainforest. Many believe that Ecuador is home to some of the most important and scenic areas of the Amazon.

Yasuní National Park and the Yasuní Biosphere Reserve are two of the essential areas of the Amazon rainforest. The park is known for its incredible biodiversity and is believed by many to be the most diverse area on Earth. With such an abundance of plant and animal life, Yasuní National Park is a must-visit for any nature lover.

The Yasuní Biosphere Reserve is also one of the most important conservation areas in the world. It’s home to countless unique species of plants and animals, many of which are found nowhere else on Earth. The reserve is also crucial for local indigenous communities who have traditionally depended on the Amazon for their livelihoods.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience in one of the most important places on Earth, this is it! You will want to spend at least a week exploring this park’s many areas and Kichwa communities. Make sure you pack excellent mosquito repellent to protect yourself from unnecessary itching or worse!

Best places to experience Ecuador’s amazonas

Ecuador’s beaches

Ecuador is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in South America. With over 2,000 kilometers of coastline, there is a beach to suit everyone’s taste. So whether you’re looking for great surfing, the opportunity to swim with wild sea turtles or a party that keeps going all night, Ecuador’s beaches are waiting for you. And the best thing? The country’s compact size means you can visit numerous beaches during your stay.


Ecuador is a wildlife paradise that begs to be explored. From vibrant jungle creatures to majestic Galápagos tortoises, there is an abundance of amazing wildlife for all travelers to discover. Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest is home to over 1,600 bird species, playful monkeys, and even elusive jaguars. For those who prefer exploring the stunning coastline, Ecuador boasts rare marine life such as blue-footed boobies, whales, and sea lions, just waiting to be encountered. A visit to Ecuador would be incomplete without a trip to the Galápagos Islands. Here, one can encounter giant tortoises, marine iguanas, sea turtles, and more.


Our wildlife experience in Ecuador:

Galapagos Islands

Ecuador is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in South America. With over 2,000 kilometers of coastline, there is a beach to suit everyone’s taste. So whether you’re looking for great surfing, the opportunity to swim with wild sea turtles or a party that keeps going all night, Ecuador’s beaches are waiting for you. And the best thing? The country’s compact size means you can visit numerous beaches during your stay.

Food culture

Ecuador is home to some of South America’s most exciting and diverse cities. From the bustling metropolis of Quito to the coastal city of Guayaquil, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Ecuador. And if you are looking for a truly unique experience, check out Cuenca, the country’s third largest city. Nestled in the Andean mountains, Cuenca is a charming colonial city with vibrant nightlife and plenty of cultural attractions. So whether you are looking for bustling city life or a more laid-back experience, be sure to add Ecuador’s cities to your travel list.

Get ready to travel Ecuador

Language: Spanish
Currency: US Dollar

Public Transport in Ecuador

Public transport is not only cheap but also a very comfortable way to get around Ecuador. You should give it a try!

Public Bus: The stop for buses to basically anywhere leave from any bigger city. I couldn’t find a schedule. They seem to go more frequently than the Knutsford.

Knutsford: Jamaica’s luxury bus connects more significant destinations. Be aware that the time stated refers to calculated driving time and not the actual time to reach a destination. Adding to the driving time are stops and bus switches which are not apparent when buying the ticket. Due to Covid, there are fewer buses than usual, and it is better to buy the ticket online.

Weather in Ecuador

The best time to travel to Jamaica is during the winter months. December through February is when the weather is the coolest and driest. However, keep in mind that prices for hotels and flights are usually higher during this time and there are lots of other visitors, too.

If you want to save money, consider traveling during the shoulder season (March-April or October-November). I love Jamaica in the low season as everything is more relaxed. The weather in October& November was excellent, with slightly more rain. In March, it was just perfect! Hurricane season lasts from June till November. 

The average temperature in Jamaica is about 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius). However, it can get quite hot, especially in the summer months. June through August is when the weather is the hottest and most humid.


Ecuador is a pretty safe Southern American country to travel. However, be aware of your sourroundings after dark.

Internet & Phone

Getting a local sim card in Ecuador is really simple and easy, and it’s definitely worth doing if you’re planning on staying in the country for more than a week or two. You can buy them at any of the major airports, or even at some of the smaller ones. I usually get mine from Claro, which is one of the biggest providers here. Just make sure to have your passport handy when you go to purchase your sim card.

Once you have your sim card, you’ll be able to use data and make calls just like you would at home. The rates are pretty reasonable, and it’s great not having to worry about running out of data or being charged exorbitant roaming fees.

Tap water in Ecuador

In Quito, Ecuador’s tap water is generally safe to drink. Though it may not be of the highest quality and can get contaminated through the old pipes used. Additionally, the water is treated with Chlorine. I personally prefer drinking my water from the Lifestraw Go, also because it keeps it cold.

Biggest challenges for the responsible traveler

Trash: As anywhere in South America street food causes a lot of trash. Bring your foldable food container and cutlery with you. Don’t forget your Lifestraw Go.

Sunscreen: Protect Ecuador’s marine life by using reef-friendly sunscreen.

tanzania travel Zanzibar beaches

Packing List Ecuador

You’re packing your bags for a trip to Ecuador – congratulations! You’re about to embark on an amazing journey into one of the most biodiverse countries in the world.

Wondering what to pack? Check out our packing list to prepare for all Ecuador has to offer. You’ll find anything from clothing to travel gadgets and eco-friendly toiletries!

Traveling Ecuador?

Packing List

Places to visit in Ecuador

Dive into a land of contrasts!

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