View over Quito, Ecuador


the long capital between the Andes

An insider’s travel guide to Quito

Too soon did we have to leave the Galapagos Islands. Quito welcomed us not just with Lauri’s friend Edu but also with a lot of rain and even more fog. Admittedly were slightly discouraged until we entered Edu’s apartment. This trip was unique in a way as this time Lauri got to introduce Dani to a city she has already lived in. The 65km long Andean capital is a Potpourri of emotions: ethnic diversity, fascinating nature, creative people, architectural masterpieces, and stunning views.

The highest capital in the world

Quito lies 2,850 meters above sea level and is not only the world’s highest capital but is located very close to what is known as the “center of the world.” It is also one of Latin America’s cities with the highest number of breathtaking historical churches. Besides the cultural heritage, the majestic buildings are a reflection of art and politics. Colorful buildings, shacks, graffitis, and churches right next to each other contribute to Quito’s authentic charm.

Center of the world

Despite its own right as a destination, Quito is a hub to breathtaking places. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by the busy city, get out, and discover the surroundings. Climb volcano Cotopaxi, venture out to the Amazon lowlands, explore the Quilotoa crater, or hang out in Mindo. There are countless things to do around Quito.

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