Walls of Fez's medina


the world’s biggest maze

An insider’s guide to the royal city

The walled “medina” of Fez is known to be a maze to everyone who hasn’t grown up there. It sounded amazing to just get lost and discover Morroco. We pictured us walking through picturesque arches, wandering narrow alleys, and exploring new flavors. Mohammed, our first host, expected us with a big almost toothless grin. As we followed him through the medina, we were already falling for Fez. We were mesmerized as soon as we entered our “Dar.” Hidden behind a small door, a spacious inner courtyard awaited us. Our beautifully decorated, a two-story room almost took our breath away.

The medina of Fez – the wold’s biggest car-free zone

Until today, the medina of Fez is the largest car-free zone in the world. Fez’s old city, the medina consists of more than 9400 alleys. Some of them more extensive, some of them so narrow you almost didn’t recognize it them as a path. Moroccans are proud of their traditions and heritage. As you roam through the streets, you’ll be able to watch artisans apply century old traditions. Fez, one of the four royal cities of Morroco, was home to respected Imans, artists and scholars is a proud, confident city. It felt cosmopolitan and yet quaint at the same time. You’ll see tourists roaming the streets, salesmen who seem to be able to talk any language of this world next to mules pulling carts as in the middle ages. Even the city’s waste is carried away on mules.

9400 alleys taking you back in time

You’ll be able to find century-old grand buildings, stunning hidden plazas, delicate wells behind rustic, decrepit alleys and buildings. Fez has a certain roughness not just visible in its architecture.

Even though many “Fessi” trade their medina home for a more modern home in the novelle city, it is still home to 70 000 people.

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