Tigrillo in Canoa, Ecuador, a foodie haven


a traditional Ecuadorian breakfast

Tigrillo Recipe

The delicious vegetarian blend of plantains, scrambled eggs, cheese, and coriander makes the perfect meal for any time of day.

In Ecuador Tigrillo is traditionally eaten for breakfast, especially on the coast it is one of the favorite dishes of locals and travelers as well. As in all Latin American countries, but also in Africa and Asia, one of the main ingredients are plantains, similar to potatoes in Europe.

Chicharron is also typical for Ecuador – crispy fried, diced pork rind, or what we know as the crust of roast pork. So the traditional food is often prepared with Chicharron. This is probably where the name Tigrillo comes from. The black-spotted ocelot is a predatory cat of the leopard species, which only occurs in Central and South America.

Just let us know when you order if you want the vegetarian version – “sin chicharron.” So there are many variations of the Ecuadorian recipe, but even the classic method is not only simple but incredibly delicious!