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UV Water bottles reviewed

What are Self-Cleaning Water Bottles?

Traveling to new and exciting destinations is always an amazing experience, but it also comes with challenges. One such challenge is ensuring access to clean drinking water. As a traveler, you are constantly on the go and may not always have access to safe drinking water. This is where UV water purifiers come in, offering a convenient and effective solution for clean drinking water. I recently switched from a filter bottle to a UV light bottle because my filter kept drying out when I was not using it. And even though I have never fallen sick in years of using the water filter, I was happy to hear that UV water purifier bottles also tackle viruses.

How do UV water bottles work?

UV (ultraviolet) water purifiers use ultraviolet light to eliminate harmful microorganisms from water. These purifiers are portable, compact, and easy to use, making them ideal for travelers. They work by exposing the water to UV rays that penetrate and destroy the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, rendering them harmless.

UV water bottles vs. Water filters

UV water purifiers and water filters are two popular methods of treating water for safe consumption while traveling. Both have their own unique features and benefits, making it important to understand the differences between the two in order to choose the best option for your travel needs.

Why you should use a uv water water bottle when traveling

  • Safe your wallet and the planet: UV bottles afe you up to at least $5 Dollars per day on bottles water. 
  • Portability: Most UV water bottles are designed to be compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry in your backpack or luggage. They take up minimal space and can be used on the go, making them perfect for travelers.
  • No Chemicals: Unlike other water purifying methods, UV does not use any chemicals to treat the water. This means you won’t have to worry about carrying or consuming potentially harmful substances during your travels.
  • Low Maintenance: UV purifiers have few moving parts and do not require frequent filter replacements like other filters. This makes them low-maintenance and cost-effective in the long run.
  • Kills viruses and bacteria: UV light has been proven to be effective in killing viruses and bacteria, including E. coli, salmonella, hepatitis, and rotavirus. This makes it a reliable option for purifying water in areas with these contaminants.
  • Efficiency: UV water purifiers can effectively eliminate up to 99.9% of harmful microorganisms in water, providing you with clean and safe drinking water in about 1 minute
  • Helps to combat plastic pollution: By using a UV water purifier, you can reduce your reliance on single-use plastic water bottles during your travels.
  • Cost efficiency: Compared to buying bottled water, a UV purifier is a more cost-effective option in the pretty short run. The most economical options start at around $40 dollars.
  • Versatile: Some UV purifiers come in the form of a bottle or straw, making them incredibly versatile and easy to use. This means you can purify
  • Reusable: Unlike other water purification methods that require replacement filters or cartridges, a UV water filter is reusable and can be used multiple times without losing its effectiveness.

Water Filters vs. UV Water Bottles

  • Convenience: UV water filter bottles are also highly convenient. They typically come with a built-in filter that does not require any additional parts or maintenance. Simply fill up your bottle with water from a tap, stream, or lake, and the UV light will do its job, making the water safe to drink in just a few minutes. Traditional filters may require additional components, such as the filter itself. I sometimes even had a filter dry out on me while traveling. So, in terms of concenience, UV water bottles are our clear winner!
  • Effectiveness: UV water purifiers and water filters effectively remove harmful bacteria and microorganisms from water. However, UV water purifiers have the added advantage of being able to eliminate viruses as well. So, if you’re traveling to a location where viruses are a concern, UV water purifiers would be the way to go.
  • Cost: In terms of cost, UV water filter bottles may seem more expensive initially, but they can actually save you money in the long run. Traditional purifiers require replacement filters and parts, which can add up over time. UV water filter bottles, on the other hand, have a longer lifespan and do not require replacement filters or parts. As they do not require replacement parts, UV-water bottles win the category cost-effectivness as well. 

When are UV water purifiers ineffective?

UV water filters are ineffective against certain contaminants such as chemicals, heavy metals, and sediment. In these cases, a traditional purifier with additional filtration methods may be necessary. It’s essential to research the specific contaminants in the area you’re traveling to and choose a purification method that can effectively remove them. Basically, do not use the UV water purifier if the water is not clear or visibly dirty.

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Make a decision based on your travel style

The biggest difference between filters and purifiers is that UV water filters also destroy viruses. However, water filters can also clean murky and unclear water, which a UV water purifier can not.


Self-cleaning bottles vs Filter bottles: Which one is right for me?

If you are more of an outdoors and hiking person, a water filter system is right for you! If you are more like me and stay close to cities (tap water access), most of the time, a UV water purifier is the choice for you!

Factors to consider when choosing an UV water bottle

1. Battery Life: Consider the battery life of the UV sterilization system. A longer-lasting battery ensures you have access to clean water throughout your travels without frequent recharging.

2. Water Purification Capacity: Determine the bottle’s water purification capacity, which indicates how much water it can purify on a single charge. This is particularly important for longer journeys.

3. Bottle Material and Durability: Choose a bottle made from high-quality, durable materials like BPA-free plastics or stainless steel to withstand the rigors of travel and minimize the risk of damage.

4. Size and Weight: Opt for a compact and lightweight UV bottle that is easy to carry and won’t take up too much space in your luggage or backpack.

5. Water Filtration Mechanism: Some UV bottles include additional filtration systems to remove particles, sediment, or impurities from the water. Assess whether these features align with your needs.

6. Ease of Use: Ensure that the bottle is user-friendly with straightforward instructions for activation, sterilization, and filling. The bottle’s design should also facilitate comfortable drinking.

7. Water Flow and Mouthpiece Design: Evaluate how water flows from the bottle and whether the mouthpiece design provides a pleasant drinking experience without leakage or spills.

8. Rechargeability Options: Determine how the UV bottle is recharged—whether it uses a USB port, solar power, or other methods. A variety of charging options can be advantageous for travelers.

9. UV Safety Features: Check for safety features, such as automatic shut-off when the bottle is opened or tilted, to prevent UV exposure to your eyes or skin.

10. Cost and Replacement Parts: Consider the initial cost of the UV bottle and the availability and cost of replacement UV lamps or components, as these may need to be replaced periodically.

11. Warranty and Customer Support: Research the manufacturer’s warranty and the availability of customer support in case of issues or concerns during your travels.

12. Design and Aesthetics: While not a top priority, the bottle’s design and aesthetics may influence your choice, especially if you prefer a particular style or color.

13. User Reviews: Read user reviews and ratings to get insights from fellow travelers who have used the UV bottle in real-world scenarios.

The best UV water filter bottles in 2024

All the bottles below have the same core function: they destroy bacteria and viruses, but they come with different add-on small features and sizes.

Capacity: 17 or 25 oz

Charger: USB C

Color Options: Various and personalisable 

Weight: depending on size and insulation

Special features: Self-cleaning every two hours

What truly stands out from the first moment is the Larq’s elegant design. Of all the bottles, The Purevis is by far the most stylish, with a sleek haptic. The Larq Purevis needs 60 seconds for one self-cleaning cycle and automatically starts a cleaning cycle every two hours. It is also the biggest bottle available on the market. This can be advantageous when you want to bring more water, but it is also hard to fit under smaller sinks.

Pros of  the Laqr Purevis:

+ Design and color choices

+ produced by the market leader

+ Double insulation to keep drinks cold/warm

+automatic self-cleaning every two hours

+ USB C chargeable

+ Choice between ultra-light and insulated

Cons of the Larq Purevis:

– Price

– Small opening makes it hard to add ice cubes

uv water bottle from uvbrite

Best design/value for money:

UVBRITE Beam Self-cleaning bottle

The bottle features two cleaning cycles, one lasting 90 seconds and the second one twice as long. UVbrite lasts for up to 60 cleaning cycles before needing to recharge. That means you can drink 2,400 ounces of purified water before needing to charge. Thanks to its stainless steel insulated bottle, drinks keep their temperature for up to 24 hours. The entire bottle is BPA-free.


+ I love the color choices

+ Big capacity

+ Quick recharge

+ BPA-free


– I had trouble closing the lid at the beginning

Capacity: 12 or 20 oz

Charger: Magnetic charging point

Color Options: Blue, Yellow, Black, Green

Weight: depending on size

Special features: Self-cleaning every two hours

I was super excited to see that with its “GoZero UV Self-Cleaning,” Philips has launched such a stylish and economical self-cleaning bottle. The entire bottle is BPA-free. Philps Go Smart Bottle has a fairly large opening, which makes it easy to fill up. It comes with a small holder on the lid so you can easily strap it to your luggage.

Pros of  Philipps GoZero:

+ Design and color choices

+ Budget-friendly

+ produced by an established brand

+ large opening

+ Double insulated to keep drinks cold/warm

+ Automatic self-cleaning every two hours

+ 3o days money back guarantee

+ waterproof charging port


– Charging cable can’t easily be replaced when lost or broken

– Weight

uv water bottle: crazy cap
CrazyCap’s triple-vacuum insulation truly works wonders. It keeps drinks at precisely the same temperature over a day. The self-cleaning bottle starts a cleaning cycle every hour, ensuring clean and fresh water at all times. The patented portless charging technology is a brilliant design choice. It not only adds to the durability of the bottle but also ensures it’s completely waterproof. I don’t have to worry about water damage affecting its functionality, which is a significant relief.

What I liked about CrazyCap’s self-cleaning bottle:

+ 10-year limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects

+ Triple insulation

+ Water-proof charging port

+ Hourly self-cleaning cycle

+ Hydration reminder

+ Giveback partnership provides clean water to people in need


– Small opening makes it almost impossible to fill the bottle with Ice cubes

Auron self-cleaning bottle

The Auron Uv water bottle is the only Uv water bottle with a temperture display. Honetly, I don’t use it to often but I do like being able to see that the cleaning cyle is in progress. At the same time, the disülay gets warm when charging and worries me when getting wet from the outside. 

What I liked about Auron’s UV water bottle

+ Temperature Display

+ Extremly Long Lasting battery life ( up to two months with one charge)

+ Water-proof charging port

+ Hourly self-cleaning cycle

+ Hydration reminder

+ Big Opening which allows ice cubes

+ Super durable as it is made from 304 medical-grade stainless steel


– Price

– Lid gets warm when charging

– Weight

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