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After ten years of traveling the world, I am not the typical budget backpacker anymore; I still love the independence and freedom a backpack gives me. However, I often got frustrated with carrying it and putting it on and off, especially at airports. 

So last year, I switched from a regular backpack for women with 50 Liters volume to a travel backpack with wheels.

I am super happy with my choice and the increased comfort I have while still maintaining flexibility and freedom.

A travel backpack with wheels is right for you if:

– Love being independent and flexible while traveling

– Need a bag with superior protection, generous storage space, and an effortless carrying experience.

– Want to keep weight of your back

– Don’t plan on carrying the backpack on hikes

– Need a more sophisticated-looking option to a regular backpack

A travel backpack with wheels is not right for you if:

– You want to carry it on longer hikes 

Here is my personal review of the current travel backpacks with wheels on the market.

Pros and Cons of travel backpacks with wheels

Advantages of traveling with a wheeled backpack

The weight is off your shoulders

The main advantage of having is wheeled backpack is by far the ability to move it without putting it on your back. 

Comfort at the airport

I find wheeled backpacks to be the best companion when moving around airports and bus stations. Say goodbye to putting up and down the backpack for short periods and hello to comfortable lines!

Backpacks with wheels combine the best of both worlds

By still having straps to carry and maneuver the backpack yourself, wheeled backpacks give you the comfort and ease of a suitcase and the flexibility of a backpack!

Disadvantages of a backpack with wheels

The wheels don’t run as smoothly 

Compared to a regular suitcase, the wheels don’t run as smoothly and are not as easy to maneuver.

Straps are less comfortable

Obviously, the straps are made to be stored away easily; therefore, most wheeled backpacks are just not as comfortable to carry or put on your back.

Backpacks with wheels are heavier

The integration of the wheels makes your backpack a lot heavier. While the regular 65L backpack weighs around 1kg, a wheeled backpack easily weighs around 2,45 kg.

Wheeled backpacks are the ideal indepandant travelers who want to be a bit more comfortable while still being flexible. However, backpacks with wheels are not the go-to choice if you plan on hiking with the it.

Carry on backpacks with wheels

I decided to try a carry-on back with wheels after realizing that my office and electronics make my bag pretty heavy. I started to dread carrying it around on longer layovers. Before we go into more detail, here is a comprehensive overview:

Color Options
Modular expandable
What I loved
What I didn't love
My Verdict
Tropicfeel Lift Rollerbag
$ 299
40-52 litres
6.4 Lbs.
22 x 14 x 8.6 inches
- Black
- Grey
- Navy
- Mint
- Beige
+ Love the supherb design
+ Easy Rolling
+ Expandable
- Color Choices
- Weight
Best for:
- Perfect for Carry-on only trips
- Longer Trips
Osprey Farpoint Wheeled
$ 300
36 litres
5.3 Lbs.
21.5 x 14 x 9 inches
- Black
- Petrol
- Navy

+ Easy Rolling
+ Expandable
+ Very comfortable
- Color Choices
- Weight
- More backpack than suitcase
- Very comfortable carrying
Eagle Creek Expanse Convertible
$ 179
35 litres
6.3 Lbs.
21.6 x 13.7 x 8.4 inches
- Black
- Blue

+ Easy Rolling
+ Stylish
+ Good value for money
- Color Choices
- Comfort when carrying
- More suitcase than backpack
- Very smooth rolling
Everki Atlas
$ 169
33 litres
6.4 Lbs.
21.3 x 15.7 x 8.1 inches
- Black

+ Easy Rolling
+ Laptop protection
+ Smart Organizing
wheels can be covered
- Color Choices
- small volume
Love it! Especially when bringing my equpiment.
- Best for Digital Nomads and Business travelers

Volume: 40-52 L
Weight: 2,9 kg 
Color Options: Black, Navy, Grey, Mint, Beige
Front-opening: Yes
Dimensions: 55,2cm x 36cm x  x 22cm
Price: $299

Tropicfeel Lift Rollerbag 40 L benefits: 

The Tropicfeel Lift Rollerbag 40L is the newest addition to my luggage collection, and so far, I absolutely love it.

Expand your luggage
With its expandable capacity from 40L to 52L, this bag can carry everything I need and even more. I have now used it twice on carry-on luggage-only trips, and it worked great!

Smart Design
It makes airports and organizations easy-breezy with its well-thought-out compartments. This versatile carry-on can handle the road no matter how challenging the journey.

Very easy to convert 
Plus, converting it from a roller bag to a backpack is done in just seconds! Also, its durable and sustainable design helps me save space.

Modular expandable
With the modular wardrobe system, roll-up toiletry bag, and sealed laundry bag, I can pack smarter and unpack much quicker and easier.

My verdict: 
Even though it feels much more like a suitcase than anything I am used to, it has been a lifesaver on my travels. I’m sure it’ll be the same for you!

Tropicfeel Lift Rollerbag Review

+ Very smart design to stay organized
+ modular system to expand the rollerbag
+ Expandible from 40 L to 52 L
+ super easy to convert from roller to backpack
+ stylish design & color choices
+also suitable for business travel

– not as comfortable as the Farpoint

Volume: 36 L
Weight: 2,4 kg
Carry-on: Yes
Color Options: Black, Navy, Petrol
Front opening: Yes
Dimensions:54H 39W 31D in cm
Price: $300

Osprey Farpoint 36 benefits

Osprey’s Farepoint backpack with wheels is the ideal travel companion if you are looking for a more backpack feeling. It’s ideal For you if you depend on mobility and packing convenience.

The spacious front panel opening and internal compression capabilities make packing and unpacking a breeze.

Made from recycled materials
Also, the Farpoint Wheeled 36 is made from recycled high-tenacity nylon with bluesign® approved fabrics, so you can enjoy your journey knowing that your bag isn’t adversely affecting the environment.

Compatible with daypack
Plus, it’s compatible with the Farpoint™/Fairview™Travel Daypack and the Daylite™, allowing you to quickly take only what you need.

Osprey Farpoint 36 review

+ more backpack than suitcase
+ super comfortable to wear due to hip straps
+ Smart compartments allow for easy organization and easy access to important stuff like passports and laptop
+ Easy and comfortable to roll

– limited color options
– More casual look

Volume: 35 L
Weight: 2,9 kg
Carry-on: Yes
Color Options: Black, Blue
Front-opening: Yes
Dimensions: 35 x 55 x 21 cm 22cm
Price: $ 179

Eagle Creek Expanse Convertible benefits

Design-wise, I would place the Eagle Creek expanse convertible between Osprey Farpoint and Tropicfeel’s backpack with wheels.

Even though it doesn’t have hip straps, it is comfortable to carry. The wheels are a good size to also allow wheeling on uneven terrain.

If you are looking for a budget carry-on backpack with wheels that feels more like a suitcase, Eagle Creek’s expanse is for you!

Eagle Creek Expanse Convertible review

+ most economic option

+sleek design and nice color options

+ easy rolling even though the wheels are small

–  not as comfortable to carry as the Osprey Farepoint




Volume: 30 L
Weight: 6.4 lbs.
Carry-on: Yes
Color Options: Black
Front-opening: Yes
Dimensions: 21.3 x 15.7 x 8.1 inches
Price: $ 169

The Everki Atlas rolling backpack suits digital nomads and business travelers best.

Large wheels with cover
The standout feature has to be its large wheels, which make rolling through airports and bustling city streets a breeze. What’s even more impressive is that these wheels can be discreetly hidden behind a cover when you decide to carry it on your back, giving you the flexibility you need for any situation.

Quiet and easy rolling
Crafted with impeccable quality, the Atlas is exceptionally easy to maneuver, and the best part is how extra quiet it is while rolling. This silent efficiency is a blessing on hotel floors or when you’re trying to keep a low profile in a quiet office.

One of the things I adore about this backpack is its cleverly designed compartments. They help me keep everything neatly organized and ensure that my essentials are easily accessible, especially when I’m passing through airport security.

RFID protected
And let’s not forget the added protection it offers for laptops, going above and beyond with RFID technology to keep your data safe.

Everki Atlas review

+ Best for digital nomads and business travelers
+ RFID Protection for electronics
+sleek design
+ Limited lifetime warranty
+very easy to roll and comfortable to carry

–  color options
– small volume



Travel Backpacks with wheels 50-70L

I switched from a regular 55 l backpack to a backpack with wheels last year after realizing that I really dreaded maneuvering especially at airports. And let me tell you: having wheels has increased my comfort so much!

Osprey Soujourn Features

The Sojourn 60 is the perfect companion for modern traveler (aka me!). Its HighRoad chassis and 90 mm oversized wheels provide an effortless rolling experience, while its AirScape™ backpanel and harness expand your carrying capacity. And with StraightJacket compression straps, you can be sure everything will stay secure no matter where your journey takes you. Plus, included TSID luggage registration makes sure you’ll always be reunited with your bag in a pinch.

I have been using the Osprey Sojourn 60 L for a year now and absolutly love the new comfort of traveling!

Osprey Sojourn review:

+ very easy to roll (easier than the Farepoint)

+ quick conversion from roller to backpack

+outside protection and compression elements

+ hip straps allow for very comfortable carrying

+ the perfect combo between backpack and suitcase

Volume: 65 L

Weight: 6.2 lbs

Carry-on: No

Color Options: Black, Navy

Front-opening: Yes

Dimensions: 70H 41W 34H

Price: $ 290

The Osprey Farepoint wheeled

The Farpoint Wheeled 65 features durable wheels and lightweight backpacking suspension and is designed to keep up with all of your adventures. With the spacious front-panel opening and internal compression capabilities, packing and unpacking is easy.

Plus, the entire wheeled collection is constructed from recycled high-tenacity nylon, which is bluesign® approved – so you can enjoy your travels knowing that your bag isn’t having an adverse effect on the environment.

The Farpoint Wheeled 65 is also compatible with the Farpoint™/Fairview™ Travel Daypack and Daylite™, making taking only what you need even easier.

Osprey Farepoint wheeled review

+ super comfortable to carry

+ smooth rolling

+ Easily convertible from roller to backpack

+ Hip straps for comfortable carrying

+ Modular expandable 


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Pro tip: Travel backpacks with wheels are always a bit more difficult to put on your back. Make sure to pack your best and distribute weight evenly

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