a mesmerizing architecture and foodie haven

A travel guide to Stone Town – Zanzibar’s cultural hub

We quickly lost ourselves wandering the narrow streets of Zanzibar’s cultural heart: Stone Town. Strolling through the maze of winding alleys, you will experience a colorful hustle and bustle. In addition to the hundreds of small shops, historical architecture seems magical.

A different world

Zanzibar is so different from mainland Tanzania, it could be an entirely different country. We’ll probably forever remember Stone Town for the impressive buildings and the most delicious food. Despite beautiful beaches, Zanzibar offers plenty of things to do.

Stone Town – a melting pot of cultures

The former trade hub is a melting pot of African, Arab, Indian, and European cultures. The heavy influence of the Middle Eastern is still present today, not just in architecture and food. Contrary to the rest of Tanzania, the majority of Zanzibaris is Muslim.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site and it’s maze seem to hold a secret at every corner. Tall white buildings constructed by Arabs, stand next to romantically latticed balconies built by Indians. Stone Town looks like a kaleidoscope of colors, flavors, and people.