Dar es Salaam, Tanzania's vibrating city


an African megacity between tradition and future

A responsible travel guide to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Tanzania‘s former capital often referred to as “Dar” is not only Tanzania’s second largest city but one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Located along the coast of the Indian Ocean, Dar es Salaam is brimming with activities for anyone. Dar is not only known for its beaches and islands, but it also offers a glimpse into a vibrating African city. We just spent some days in Dar. Looking back, we recommend staying a couple more days to enjoy the beach before heading for a safari.

Karibu to a vibrant Tanzanian city

Stuck in rush hour, it took us two hours to arrive at our destination. The house of Joseph, the doctor, was located in a suburban area, giving us the first glimpse of daily life. We were starving by the time we arrived.

We found our first Tanzanian dinner right by the street. Upon entering, we were eagerly greeted and received first instructions to food customs in Tanzania. Food is often shared and eaten with hands. Quite clumsy, we started eating away the first “kuku” with typical ugali. The warm welcome to Dar es Salaam made us even more excited to explore the city the following days!