Cordless straighteners &. Mini Flat Irons


As a frequent traveler, I struggle to keep my hair sleek and styled while on the go. I am super bad with hair updos or stylings, so I usually opt for the straightener when I return home. However, bringing my flat iron when I am traveling has often proved to be inefficient. It is bulky, and I experienced difficulties with the voltage.
I am excited to share some of the best mini-flat irons for travelers.

These compact hair straighteners are perfect for packing your carry-on luggage or even your purse. They take up minimal space and are lightweight, making them convenient for any trip. One of the main benefits of mini flat irons is their versatility. Not only can they be used for straightening hair, but they can also create curls and waves. Meaning you don’t have to pack multiple styling tools for different looks.

Disclaimer: We get an affiliate commission at no cost to you if you purchase one of the mini straighteners below. Did this not affect my decision or the products introduced here. They are listed here because we believe the product quality and its value to you!

Cordless vs. Mini flat irons

Since my long hair easily gives in to heat treatment I am completly fine using a cordless straightner and love the flexibility it gives me!

About cordless straighteners

Cordless straighteners are perfect for on-the-go touch-ups without the hassle of finding an outlet. They often come with a USB charger, making it easy to charge them anywhere. A disadvantage of cordless straighteners is that they may hold less heat than regular mini-flat irons. If you have thick or coarse hair, straightening your locks may take a bit longer. 

+ give you complete freedom

+ easy to pack and carry

– shot battery span

– less efficient than mini flat irons

About mini flat irons

On the other hand, regular mini flat irons are more powerful and can reach higher temperatures. This makes them more suitable for thick or curly hair types. They also usually come with a heat-resistant pouch, making them safe for packing after use. Mini hair straighteners also typically come with dual voltage options, making them suitable for international travel. However, they require an electrical outlet and may be bulkier than cordless.

+ reach higher temperatures

+ better for curly hair

– you’ll still need an outlet

Can I bring a Mini Straightener in my carry on?

Yes, you can generally bring a mini straightener in your carry-on luggage when you're traveling by air. Most airlines and airport security regulations allow small personal grooming appliances like mini straighteners, hair dryers, and curling irons to be carried in your carry-on bag. However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Check the airline's specific policies: Different airlines may have slightly different rules and regulations regarding the use and carriage of personal grooming devices. It's a good idea to check your airline's website or contact them directly to confirm their policies.

  2. Ensure it's cooled down: Before packing your mini straightener, make sure it's completely cooled down to avoid any risk of heat-related incidents.

  3. Pack it securely: Place your mini straightener in a heat-resistant pouch or case to prevent it from accidentally turning on or causing damage to other items in your carry-on bag.

  4. Be prepared for inspection: Airport security may ask you to remove the mini straightener from your bag during the security screening process. Be ready to take it out and place it in a bin for X-ray scanning.

Does a cordless straightener work for curly hair?

Yes and no. If you have curly hair, I would either opt for the Ghd Mini Straightener (small, lightweight, and powerful) or the Coralle Cordless option. Both of them can work on a cord giving you more time. The other ones may not be strong enough.

Straighteners for travelers: overview

Everybody’s hair needs are different, so here is a comprehensive overview.

Battery life
Time to recharge
Charging during use
Temperature settings
What I loved
What I didn't love
My Verdict
Dyson Coralle Cordless
$ 399
1.23 Lbs.
Height: 11.5 in (292 mm), Width: 3.25 in (83 mm), Depth: 1.25 in (32 mm)
30 minutes
70 minutes
Yes, 3 (330-410F)
+ Love the supherb styling expereince
+ Charging during use
- Price
- Weight
Best for curly hair
Sunmay Voga Cordless
$ 59
0,6 Lbs.
Height: 8.27 in, Width: 1.3 in, Depth: 1.3 in
25 minutes
2 hours
Yes, up to 405 F
+ lowest weight in test
+ cute design
- battery time
- low temperature setting
Best for short hair
Zavera Cordless Straightener
$ 116
1 Lbs.
Height: 11.7 in, Width: 1.43 in, Depth: 1.8 in
60 minutes
5 hours
Yes, 3 (up to 450 F)
+ Battery life
+ low weight
+ good value for money
- Charging time
Best for long hair
Ghd Unplugged Cordless
$ 239
0.6 Lbs.
Height: 10.50 in, Width: 6.50 in, Depth: 4.00 in
20 minutes
2 hours
+ ghd expereince
+ low weight
- battery life
- price
Best for challenging hair
Tymo straightening brush
$ 69
0.5 Lbs.
Height: 12.68 in, Width: 3.23 in, Depth: 2.76 in
30 minutes
2,5 hours
+ versaitile usage
+ low weight
+ add volume
- battery life
- not a traditional straightener
New Favorite
GHD Mini Styler
$ 209
0.5 Lbs.
Height: 11 in, Width: 1 in, Depth: 3 in
+ versaitile usage
+ low weight
+ powerful
- not a cordless straightener
Best for curly hair

The best cordless straighteners

dyson coralle cordless review

Best cordless for curly hair:

Dyson Corrale Cord-Free

My Dyson Corrale Cord-Free Straightener review

✨ Plates effortlessly gather and align your hair for a flawless finish.

✨ Enjoy long-lasting, perfectly straight hair.

✨ Never worry about battery life; it can be used while charging.

✨ Includes a convenient pouch and heat-resistant mat for on-the-go styling.

✨ Experience superior styling with ease.

❌ It’s a bit heavy.

❌ Comes with a premium price tag.

mini hair straightener for travel from zavera

Best overall for value:

ZAVERA cordless straightener

My ZAVAREA Cordless Straightener Review:

✨ Best value for money

✨ Longest battery time in the test: Enjoy up to 60 minutes of cordless styling

✨ The integrated sensor system ensures precise temperature control for your hair’s safety

❌ It sometimes feels like it pulls my hair.

❌ Long recharge time of 5 hrs.

ghd cordless straightener

Lightweight & Powerful

ghd unplugged cordless

✨ Leightest cordless straightener in tes

✨Dual voltage option

✨ This cordless straightener can reach temperatures of up to 365°F

✨ The inclusion of a heat-resistant carrying case and a handy USB charging cable is a thoughtful touch. Plus, the charger itself is small, so it won’t eat up much space in your luggage.

✨ Despite its smaller plates, I discovered that just a few passes through a hair section deliver sleek, straight results. And the ability to charge it via USB from your laptop or any other device is a real convenience.

✨ The built-in battery indicator on the handle helps you keep track of the remaining battery life.

❌ Short battery life

❌ Small plates

mini straighter

Sunmay Voga Cordless Hair Straightener and Curler benefits

✨ One of the standout features is its versatility. Not only does it straighten hair beautifully, but it’s also a curler! T

✨ The adjustable temperature settings are fantastic.

✨ The plates themselves are super smooth, gliding effortlessly through my hair, creating a polished finish.

✨ Its pretty and compact design adds a touch of style to my beauty routine.

✨ With dual voltage compatibility, I can use it internationally without worrying about power issues.

✨ It heats up quickly, reaching up to 365°F in no time.

❌ Short battery life

❌ Less powerful then Zavera and Ghd

cordless electronic hair brush

My new best friend

Tymo straightening brush

My TYMO Porta Cordless Hair Straightener Brush review:

✨ This mini straightener brush lets you style your hair effortlessly

✨ While brushing your hair, the Tymo is fantastic for adding volume.

✨ I was pleasantly surprised that it heats up to my desired temperature in just 60 seconds,

✨ With two adjustable temperature settings, it suits all hair types.

✨ One of my favorite features is the auto shut-off, preventing it from accidentally turning on while in my bag.

✨ The TYMO Porta Cordless Hair Straightener Brush is not only quick and efficient but also leaves my hair with a natural and sleek look.

✨ It’s incredibly lightweight, so it won’t weigh you down during your travels.

❌ Short battery life

❌ Not a traditional straightener

The best mini flat ironsfor travel

Plate Size:
Temperature settings
Dual conversion
What I loved
What I didn't love
My Verdict
GHD Mini Styler
$ 209
0.5 Lbs.
Height: 11 in, Width: 1 in, Depth: 3 in
+ versaitile usage
+ low weight
+ powerful
- not a cordless straightener
Best for curly hair
L'ANGE HAIR Le Titane 1.75”
$ 98
2 Lbs.
12 x 2 x 2 inches
1.75" W x 4" L
Yes, between 140- 470 F
+ high power styling
+ small size
- weight
Best for sophisticated styling, Thick hair
L'ANGE HAIR Le Duo 360° Airflow Styler
$ 78
1.4 Lbs.
10.4 x 2.1 x 2.1 inches
Yes, between 140- 470 F
+ airfolow option to lock in style
+ small size
- Nothing! I love it!
Best for sophisticated styling, Thick hair
Chi Original Ceramic Flat Iron
$ 49
1.12 Lbs.
12 x 2 x 5 inches
No, max. up to 392°F
+ design
+ low weight
+ powerful
- no temperature display
-No auto shutt-off
Best for long hair
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium
$ 35
0.5 Lbs
6 x 0.5 x 2.5 inches
+ super lightweight
+ small size
+high heat
- Iron gets hot
Best for carry-on travel, short hair
Conair Mini Pro
$ 19
0.7 Lbs.
8 x 4.3 x 1.6 inches
No, max. up to 356°F
+ low weight
+ small size
+low budget
- no temperature display
-mediocre styling expereince
Best for quick touch up
ghd mini straightener

ghd Mini Styler

ghd Mini Styler review

✨ Its sleek and compact design makes it a travel essential. It’s more lightweight than some of the cordless ones.

✨ With ceramic heat technology and 1/2-inch plates, this little gem heats up quickly and offers precise styling. It’s a lifesaver when you’re short on time.

✨ The ghd Mini Styler boasts universal voltage, so you can take it anywhere in the world without the hassle of voltage converters.

✨ Not only is it a lightweight travel companion, but it also delivers salon-quality results. The smooth plates glide effortlessly through hair, leaving it shiny and free from frizz.

✨ Plus, its rounded edges make it versatile for creating various styles, whether you want to straighten, curl, or add volume.

❌ Not cordless

chi mini flat iron

CHI Original Ceramic Hair Straightening Flat Iron

✨ Good value for money

✨ Beautiful design choices

✨ Extra long cord (11ft) make it super handy for traveling when outlets may not be conveniently located.

✨ Dual Voltage: One of the major advantages is its dual voltage capability. It can handle both 110-120V and 220-240V, making it suitable for international travel without the need for a voltage converter.

✨ Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to pack in any bag, from carry-ons to backpacks.

✨ Fast Heating: This flat iron heats up quickly, which is great when you’re short on time during your travels.

✨ Ceramic Plates: The ceramic plates provide even heat distribution, reducing the risk of hair damage. It also helps in achieving smooth, frizz-free results.

❌ Not cordless

❌ No temperture display

❌ No automatic shut-off

ghd mini straightener

Conair Mini Dual Deluxe Styler

✨ Cheapest mini flat iron in test

✨ Compact Size: Its small and compact design, measuring just eight inches, is a traveler’s dream. It easily fits into your luggage or bag, making it incredibly convenient for on-the-go use.

✨ Dual Voltage: You can confidently use it worldwide without needing a voltage converter.

✨ Perfect for styling bangs and short hair


❌ Not Ultra-Straightening: While the MiniPRO does the job, it may not provide the ultra-sleek, pin-straight results that some users desire. It’s worth noting that it might give a more “blown out” effect, which can be perfect for certain styling preferences

❌ Not cordless

lange mini flat iron for travel

L’ANGE HAIR Le Titane 1.75” Titanium Flat Iron

✨ Speedy Styling: The Le Titane’s titanium plates heat up quickly and evenly, minimizing the number of passes needed to straighten your hair. This is a huge time-saver, especially when you’re on the go.

✨ Dual Voltage: You can confidently use it worldwide without needing a voltage converter.

✨ Precision Temperature Control: The LCD display temperature dial allows you to customize your heat settings in 10°F increments from 140°F to 450°F. You can achieve the exact temperature you need for your specific styling requirements.

✨ Infrared Light Strip and Negative Ion Function: The infrared light technology heats hair from the inside out, while the negative ions seal the cuticles, preserving moisture and adding shine to your hair.

✨ Convenient Design: This flat iron comes with several traveler-friendly features. It has a temperature memory function that remembers your last used temperature, a clamp lock for easy storage, a temperature lock to prevent accidental changes, and an automatic shut-off after 60 minutes for safety.

✨ Suitable for Various Hair Lengths: The 1.75” titanium plates are perfect for longer and thicker hair, allowing you to style more hair at once.


❌ Size and Weight: While it offers great performance, the Le Titane flat iron may is a bit bulkier and heavier for travelers seeking ultra-compact options.

❌ Not cordless

lange airflow mini flat iron for travel

L’ANGE HAIR Duo Airflow

✨ Versatile Styling: The Le Duo 360° Airflow Styler offers a wide range of styling options. Whether you want smooth, sleek strands or beautiful curls and waves, this styler can handle it all, making it perfect for travelers who want versatile styling options on the go.

✨Outstanding Results: With its floating titanium plates and rounded edges, the Le Duo ensures even heat distribution and snag-free styling. This means you can achieve stunning results with ease, and it’s particularly suitable for travelers who want salon-quality results without the hassle.

✨ Dual Voltage: You can confidently use it worldwide without needing a voltage converter.

✨ Adjustable Temperature: The adjustable temperature range of 280°F-430°F allows you to choose the heat level that works best for your hair type and styling needs, providing flexibility for various hair types and conditions.

✨ Efficient Cooling: The built-in fan and 360° vented airflow system instantly cool your hair on contact, helping to lock in your style and shine. This feature is especially useful for travelers who need their hairstyles to last all day.

✨ Convenient Design: The Le Duo comes with a built-in clip that secures your hair during styling, making the process fast and easy. It’s also lightweight and ergonomically designed, which is great for travelers who want a comfortable and hassle-free styling experience.


Size and Weight: While the Le Duo offers great functionality, its size and weight might not be ideal for travelers looking to pack light. It takes up some space in your luggage, so keep that in mind if you have limited bag space

❌ Not cordless

ghd mini straightener

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Flat Iron

✨ Compact Size: The BABYLISSPRO Mini Straightening Iron is incredibly compact, making it a perfect choice for travelers who need to save space in their luggage or carry-on bags.

✨ Titanium Plates: The titanium plates heat up quickly and evenly, allowing for efficient styling, whether you’re straightening or curling your hair.

✨ Dual Voltage: It features dual voltage compatibility, making it suitable for international travel. You can use it without the need for a voltage converter in different countries.

✨ Lightweight: This straightening iron is lightweight, which is a bonus for travelers who want to minimize the weight of their luggage.


❌  Short Plates: The ½” plates may be a bit too narrow for those with longer or thicker hair, potentially making styling a bit more time-consuming.

❌  Fixed Temperature: It operates at a fixed temperature, which may not be ideal for users who prefer adjustable heat settings to suit their hair type.

❌ Get’s pretty hot very close to your hands as the mini flat ison is truly mini

magazine 18

Pro tip: Don’t forget to bring heat protection for your hair!

ghd hair protection travel size

ghd Bodyguard Heat Protectant for Hair

Tifi Heat Protection, travel size

TIGI heat protection Spary

ghd hair protection travel size

Chi Heat Protection

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