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Packing for Central America?
What to pack for trip to Central AmericaAre you ready to explore Central America? Whether you plan on visiting for one week or three months, packing the right items for your journey is essential so that your experience can be as exciting and comfortable as possible....
San Ignacio, Belize – Wild rivers, Maya ruins &latino vibes

San Ignacio and its twin town Santa Elena form the heart of the “Cayo” district. While there is a comfortable touristic infrastructure, San Ignacio manages to maintain an authentic and vibrating charm. Contrary to the coastal part of Belize, Spanish is most widely spoken. San Ignacio is surrounded by lush vegetation, fast flowing rivers, Maya ruins, and caves. There are lots to do in this lively little town!

Gambia’s South – discover the best beaches

Gambia’s only 42-km long coastline offers the perfect beach spot for everyone. If you are looking for a party, Kololi is the place to be, but if you seek more tranquility and serenity, check out Gambia’s South.

Zanzibar | Discover the most beautiful beaches

The beaches in Zanzibar are stunning. White palm trees seam white sandy beaches with perfectly turquoise water. Even though Zanzibar has been a popular tourist destination for quite some time, you’ll still find authentic, quiet villages and empty beaches.

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