need a break from the city?

Find the best beaches around Kingston

Before coming to Kingston, I didn’t expect any great beaches. During my first visit, I didn’t even attempt to hang out by the beaches as the city offered way too many things to do, and I also didn’t expect the beaches around Kingston to be so fun, beautiful, and full of vibes. Admittedly, Kingston has become one of my favorite places of all time, but it can get intense at times, and the beaches around Kingston offer the perfect getaway from the city buzz.

Kingston’s best beaches:

The beaches surrounding Jamaica’s capital are all so different, making it really hard to decide on my favorite. But before going into more detail, let me tell you:

1) The beaches around Kingston are pretty beautiful

2) Each beach has a very distinct vibe. Depending on if you are seeking quietness or good vibes, you’ll find a perfect spot

3) Transportation can be somewhat of a hassle (as anywhere in Jamaica) in terms of time and money.