a million shades of blue

A travel guide to Morocco’s blue medina

Many travelers have enthused by the charm of Morocco’s blue city: Chefchaouen. Of course, we were eager to discover the blue town for ourselves. After getting a CTM  bus ticket, we were off to the Rif mountains. As soon as we arrived at the bus station we were a little surprised: at least from the first expression, the city didn’t seem to be blue after all. As soon as we entered the medina, and eventually our Dar we had to revoke our first impression: Literally, everything seems to be blue in the old medina. It almost seemed unreal.

Spanish vibes in Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen is quite a lively town. The medina’s alleys are plastered with souvenir stands and other Morrocan crafts. It seemed a little overwhelming, and we wish the there was a bit more authenticity left. Yet the salesmen were almost shy compared to Fez so one could stroll the streets without being stopped at every corner. As soon as you wander off the main alleys, you’ll be surprised to find beautifully hidden plazas, fountains our buildings. Chefchaouen, “Marocco‘s prettiest medina” is almost deserted compared to other medinas making it easy to explore.

Not only is Chefchouen geographically close to Spain, but the town has been colonized by the Spanish. Hence, almost everyone was speaking Spanish, which made it a lot easier for us to actually engage in a conversation.

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