Things to do in the blue city

Chefchaouen Itinerary

Morocco's blue city

Duration: at least Four Days

Stay: Casa La Hiba, Dar Dalia or Casa Azul Usha

Many travelers have been enthused by the charm of Morocco’s blue city: Chefchaouen. So, of course, we were eager to discover the blue town for ourselves. After getting a CTM bus ticket, we were off to the Rif mountains. As soon as we arrived at the bus station, we were a little surprised: at least from the first expression, the city didn’t seem to be blue. As soon as we entered the medina, and eventually our Dar, we had to revoke our first impression: Literally, everything seemed to be blue in the old medina. It almost seemed unreal. Chefchaouen, “Marocco’s prettiest medina,” is relaxed compared to other medinas making it easy to explore.

Chefchaouen is quite a lively town. The medina’s alleys are plastered with souvenir stands and other Morrocan crafts. It seemed a little overwhelming, and we wish there were a bit more authenticity left. Yet the salespeople were almost shy compared to Fez, so one could stroll the streets without being stopped at every corner. As soon as you wander off the main alleys, you’ll be surprised to find beautifully hidden plazas, fountains our buildings. 

Not only is Chefchouen geographically close to Spain, but the Spanish have colonized the town. Hence, almost everyone spoke Spanish, making it a lot easier for us actually to engage in a conversation.

Relax in one of the quietest medinas

Compared to other medinas, Chefchaouen’s center is the perfect place to take a little city walk. The busier streets lead to tiny, charming alleys. Salespeople unobtrusively offer their goods. We have been trying to figure out why Chefchaouen is so blue but couldn’t get an answer. Here are some of the theories we heard:

a) To look pretty – That’s a legit reason. But we can’t believe that’s why everyone paints their houses blue.

b) To represent the color of the water- Some locals told us that to acknowledge the importance of the Ras el-Maa Waterfall to the people, the city has been painted blue.

c) The Jewish culture brought the blue houses – Chefchauen has been dramatically impacted by the Jewish. Locals told us that at first, only the homes in the Jewish quarter were blue to follow religious beliefs. However, the blue color has spread to other parts of the medina as time passed.

No matter the reason, Morocco’s charming blue medina is worth a visit if you are traveling the area.

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Hike the Rif Mountains

Practically right at the doorsteps of Chefchaouen, the Talassemtance national park awaits those eager to hike. Several hiking paths connect waterfalls, Berber villages, and breathtaking landscapes. The Rif mountains are also the world’s biggest Haisch production hub. As with so many things, Moroccans hold on to their traditions. If you want to see how kif is produced, this is the place.

Treat yourself to a hammam visit

 If you are planning on spending more time and actual time unwinding, check into a hammam. We have written about hammams in Fez and Marrakesh. Hammams are a must-do in Morocco! Chefchaouen offers several hammam options, primarily catering to tourists. The treatments offered looked super tempting!

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Popular tours in Chefchaouen

Practical travel tips for Chefchaouen?

When is the best time to visit Chefchaouen?


The weather in Chefouen varies greatly! Plus, the weather in Chefchouen is more refreshing than in many other places in Morocco. It can get hot in summer (August marking the top) and cold in winter.

Yet, Chefchaouen is an all-year-round travel destination. If you plan extensive hiking in the mountains, check the weather.

The weather is a lot more extreme in the Rif Mountains. Keep in mind that kif (marijuana) is harvested from August to October, and it may be harder to find transportation.

How to get to the Chefchaouen, Morocco?


The main bus terminal is 10 minutes from Chefchaouens city center by taxi (10DHS). In addition, two bus lines connect Chefchaoen to other destinations in Morocco. Since there are not as many buses and they tend to fill up quickly, we recommend buying the return tickets right upon arrival or 2 days in advance.

Chefchouen to Meknes - 4,4 hours (70 Dhs)

Chefchouen to Fez - 3,5 hours (70 Dhs)

Chefchouen -Tangier: 2.5 hrs (55 Dhs)

Managua - León ( 1,5 hrs, $2.75)
León - Masaya ( 2,5 hrs, $3)
León - Chinandega (1,5 hrs, $1). We had to change Chinandega to go to Potosi.

Is Chefchaouen safe for travelers?


The blue city is very safe, also for female solo travelers. Make sure to connect with a guide or local point of information if you travel to the Rif mountains. Until today the Rif mountains are the world's largest hashish production area. So naturally, there are some places which should be avoided.

Can I drink tap water in Morocco?


Bring your water purifier or filter! Tap water in Morocco is safe for human consumption, according to Prime Minister Saadeddine Othmani. The PM made the statement in February 2018 after officials uncovered public water delivery system issues. However, distrust in tap water is growing despite the government's assurances. One problem is that the government has been slow to react and often lacks transparency in its communication. In addition, several reports have highlighted elevated levels of nitrates as an issue in Morocco.

What's the biggest challenge for the conscious traveler?


Shopping: Low-quality Chinese products and goods produced under questionable working environments are sold everywhere. When shopping in Morocco, be conscious and check out our shopping guide!

Water: Avoid plastic pollution and bring your own self-cleaning bottle! Your water will stay cool, too!

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Packing List Morocco

When packing for a trip to Morocco, it’s important to keep the country’s culture and climate in mind as the weather can vary greatly, depending on the time of year and the region you’re visiting. Check out our packing list so you arrive well prepared!

Places to visit in Morocco

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Marrakesh | Live dream of 1001 nights

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