Arusha, Tanzania below Mount Meru


The perfect place to get to know Tanzania

A responsible travel guide to Arusha – Tanzania’s safari hub

Arusha itself is a dusty, charming mid-sized African city. Its population is embodied by a vibrant mix of over 100 nationalities. A melting pot of Swahili, Masai, Hazdabe and numerous other ethnic and indigenous cultures. Living peacefully side-by-side locals are super friendly and eager to show you their Tanzania. To us, it seemed like a city stuck between traditions and modern life.

The clock tower with its visible landmark is considered Arusha’s center. It might not strike you as significant at first, but It is actually the mid-point in Africa between Cairo, Egypt, and Cape Town, South Africa! Arusha is by now means a breathtakingly beautiful city, but it is definitely worth to be visited and felt.

Our time in Arusha was so significantly impacted by our wonderful host Massai, his family, and Papakinye. We quickly bonded and became friends. With them, we were able to discover Arusha through the eyes of locals.

Wildlife watching – the ultimate safari experience

Laying below Mount Meru, the tourism capital is an excellent starting point for safaris. From the center of the “Northern circuit,” you can easily venture out to Arusha National Park, Mount Meru, Ngorongoro Crater National Park, Masai Mara, Serengeti National Park, and Tarangire National Park. Visitors on a quest to see the “Big 5” find plenty of safari operators to choose from.