Lake Natron is home to millions of flamingos


the surreal caldera

A responsible travel guide to Lake Natron, Tanzania

We had heard of Lake Natron before our arrival. Of course, the pictures of Tanzania‘s bright red lake sparked our interest. However, we thought Lake Natron was off limits due to our time and budget restrictions. Only after getting to know Papakinye better, they suggested to shorten our safari experience and proposed to visit Papakinye’s family near Lake Natron instead. We were really excited about the opportunity, so we jumped at the chance to visit the mysterious lake.

Masailand and breathtaking landscapes

Lake Natron, a natural alkaline soda lake lies just south of Ol Doinyo Lengai, the only volcano on earth erupting with white and “cold” lava. Stretching across a length of 57 km, Lake Natron almost reaches Kenya. It is fed by the Southern Ewaso Ng’ iro River (Kenia) and hot springs. Due to its exceptionally high concentration of Sodium Carbonate, it is hostile for most species.

A promising journey

The journey is the destination. For Lake Natron, this is even truer. The ride was rough but stunning. Precisely as our following days with Papakinye’s family. We drove through dry savage vegetation, climbed or jumped over dried out rivers while spotting herds of zebras and giraffes. The journey itself was already bearing the promise of an unforgettable time.