Travel Gambia's South: beach with pyrogens

Gambia’s South

tranquility and boutique lodging

A travel guide to Gambia’s stunning South

As you might have already realised, we never warmed up to Kololi no matter how many times we returned. After the initial days in Kololi we were ready to escape the local bumsters and headed towards the South. Gambia’s coastline is only 42 km long, yet we experienced quite the difference. Instead of all-inclusive, sex-tourism hotel enclaves we found inspiring eco-lodges and vast, quite beaches.

Gambia’s best beaches

Gambia’s only 42-km long coastline offers the perfect beach spot for everyone. If you are looking for party, Kololi is the place to be, but if you are seeking more tranquility and serenity, check out Gambia’s South.

We found many deserted beaches, many of them with spectacular sunsets. Be careful though, the currents are strong!

From Brufut to Kartong

Starting in Brufut, the so called Paradise beach should be your first stop on your way further South. While you’ll still find some All-inclusives, there is an increasing number of Boutique Lodges to be found along the vast beach.

As you travel  further South you’ll find  more tranquility and individual tourism with amazing Eco-lodges. The beaches around Gunjur are stunning and often deserted.  Sadly,  a Chinese factory has started its operation two years ago and you’ll encounter dead fish as a result, which left a somewhat of a bitter aftertaste.

Kartong marks the last villages before the border to Senegal and is a perfect stop to actually get to know people and village life.  The beaches are quiet and ideal for relaxing.

By the way: Gambia’s South offers some amazing surf breaks! Until now, it’s a well kept secret, so you are likely to enjoy the breaks all by yourself!