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inconspicuous and so tasty


Pupusas- El Salvador’s National dish

Whenever you feel like indulge in travel nostalgia this tasty and simple Pupusas recipe is for you!

Pupusas – without a doubt our most frequently eaten dish in El Salvador! Pupusas have a long-standing tradition in El Salvador and date back centuries. Tools to prepare the delicious dish have even been found in Joya de Ceren, America’s Pompeij.

Pupusas are not only the cheapest, easiest and most commonly found dish in El Salvador, but they also come with various fillings.

Curtido, a spicey cabbage-carrot salad usually accompanies the savory filled masa. Traditionally you would ferment the curtido. But for this recipe, we’ll go with a quicker alternative. Because of its many variations,  you can enjoy them for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

beans and cheese

cheese and chorizo

chicken and cheese

Flor de Izote (Did you know that El Salvador is actually the only country to use its national flower for cooking)

Loroco con queso (our favorite, unfortunately, you can only eat it in El Salvador)