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Everything to know from power shortages to money

Lebanon is in deep crisis but do not let it keep you from visiting this incredible nation. The Lebanese are as welcoming as ever and will show your beautiful country.

There is very little touristic infrastructure making Lebanon the perfect place to explore for the independent traveler. But it also means that you have to prepare yourself a bit better than on your trip to Central America.

Get ready to travel to Lebanon

When traveling to Lebanon you’ll face some challenges caused by the economic crisis and international sanctions. However, as long as you are aware of them, you can come prepared and fully enjoy your trip to Lebanon.

Power outages in Lebanon

Power outages are something very common for the Lebanese, especially during the ongoing economic crisis. Sometimes the power goes out for hours.

This means there are almost no city lights in certain areas and lots of houses turn dark. To solve the issue many Lebanese have installed generators. 

When booking an Airbnb, be considerate of the power outages. Many of the listings will tell you if they have a generator. 

P.S.: Elevators won’t work either during time of outages!

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Lebanon's financial crisis

Cash is key in Lebanon as credit cards are hardly accepted anywhere. The mistrust in financial institutions and the government is just too deeply rooted. On top of that the Lebanese bank used to have a fixed exchange rate until 2023 which was up to 20 times lower than the black market value.

On top of that the availability of cash is greatly limited.

If you are traveling to Lebanon in 2023 make sure to bring efficient cash funds to exchange. Lebanon is a very safe country so don’t worry about bringing cash.

Make sure to download the Lyra App to know the daily value. You will find plenty of currency exchanges basically anywhere.

Credit cards are currently not accepted anywhere. Please note that you can not use your credit cards for withdrawals either.

In case you run out of money, you can use Western Union and have somebody transfer your money that way.

Internet and phone

VPN Client

International sanctions will keep you from visiting certain websites. As I had to work during my stay there was no way around installing a VPN client.

Make sure to download the VPN client before getting there. 

Wifi in Lebanon

Wifi is so-so. I find the local mobile network to be a lot better than most of the Wifis I tested during my trip. 

Getting a sim card in Lebanon

Do get a sim card when traveling around Lebanon. Its super easy and you are so much more flexible. I usually get an ALFA sim card which works great and is pretty cheap. Make sure to bring your passport when buying one!

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Is it safe to travel Lebanon in 2023?

Yes! Even though the country is suffering from a terrible economic crisis and the conflict with Israel is ongoing, you can ( and should) travel to Lebanon.

Petty crimes are almost non-existent, and so are any violent crimes towards visitors.

As a female, you always feel safe and welcomed any time of the day.

However, the situation in Lebanon may change quickly and without much further ado. Make sure to keep up with the local news and avoid any kind of demonstration.


Religious diversity

As the most religiously diverse country in the Middle East, Lebanon is home to 18 different religions.

Christianity, Islam, and Druze are the main religions, with Christianity making up about 40% of the population, Islam about 60%, and Druze about 5%.

With such a diverse mix of religions coexisting within one country, Lebanon has a unique and fascinating history that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Whether you are a believer or simply interested in the cultural aspects of religion, a trip to Lebanon is sure to be an eye-opening and memorable experience.

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Religions in Lebanon

Religion plays a huge role in every Lebanese life as it heavily impacts politics (one reason why Lebanon has been unable to elect a president), daily practices and law enforcement, and of course marriages. I found it to be super interesting to learn how the religious diversity is impacts such a tiny country.


Sunnis and Shi’ites

For curious travelers, there’s nothing like getting to know a country’s history and culture. In Lebanon, that means understanding the divide between Sunnis and Shi’ites, two sects of Islam that have had a lasting impact on the nation. The tensions between these groups can be traced back to the early days of Islam when the question of caliphate succession split the religion in two. It’s taken on different forms over the centuries, but today, it’s still very much a part of life in Lebanon. For those interested in history and politics, a trip to Lebanon is a must. With about 50% of the population identifying as Sunni and 60% as Shi’ite, it’s the perfect place to explore the complexities of religious diversity. Who knows, you might even leave with a new perspective on the world.



Unlike other Islamic groups, the Druze have eliminated all rituals and ceremonies, rejecting the five pillars of Islam and having no defined holy days. Only those born into the religion can be considered Druze, and actual religious practice is limited to a small elite group known as ‘initiates’ or ‘uqqal.’ The Druze are mainly found in the south of Mount Lebanon, where the elite men can be identified by their distinctive mustaches, low-hanging trousers, and white caps. Meanwhile, Druze women wear white veils and long black dresses. It’s fascinating to learn about the history of this religious group, including their current leader, Walid Jumblatt, and local hero, Fakhr el-Dine Maan II.



When it comes to Christianity in the Middle East-North Africa region, Lebanon stands out from the crowd. Looking specifically at Lebanon, you’ll find that the Maronite denomination is the largest group of Christians in the country. With origins tracing back to the late-4th century, the Maronites are deeply rooted in the history and culture of Lebanon. The foundation of a monastery around the figure of St. Maron was the catalyst for their formation and their influence has since grown throughout the country. It’s fascinating to see the impact that this denomination has had on Lebanon and its people and serves as a reminder of the rich religious history that exists in this diverse region of the world.

Tours are a must!

Lebanon is an incredibly diverse and deeply complex country. To understand better and reach other destinations than Beirut I highly recommend going on at least two tours while you are here. I love the walking tour of Alternative-Beirut. The people are very cool and you get a much deeper insight into the city and its challenges. 

For outside of Beirut, check out Tourleb!

Nada is a super cool person with lots of interesting day trips around the country that take you way off the beaten path and right into the heart of Lebanon!

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