Gallo Pinto recipe


Nicaraguan staple food

Gallo Pinto – Nicaragua’s national side dish

When you travel to Nicaragua, there is no way around Gallo Pinto. It is the Nicaraguan national dish. The Nicas have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Gallo pinto accompanies almost every meal in Nica. Let us show you how to prepare the specialty with this easy Gallo pinto recipe!

Don’t let the name mislead you the “spotted rooster” is 100% vegetarian. If you traveled across south or central America, you have probably stumbled upon many slightly different version of Gallo Pinto. It’s interesting how the recipe varies from country to country.

The hearty and filling meal consists of rice and common red or black beans. You can eat Gallo pinto with literally anything, cold or warm. We love big, yummy breakfasts and usually had our first serving of Gallo Pinto with scrambled eggs and Nicaraguan cheese.

It takes some time to cook, so make your time worthwhile and cook a little extra!