Empanada recipe


dumplings full of flavors

How to prepare Empanadas

When you travel through Central and South America, there is no way around them: Empanadas! Whenever we feel nostalgic, we take out this recipe and reminisce about our time traveling.

Sold in buses and on the streets this typical “fast food” is not just cheap and easy to eat to the go but comes literally millions of variations. They can be filled with all kinds of meat, seafood, or vegetables.

We actually had some of the best empanadas ever in San Andres, Colombia! Filled with fresh crab meat, they make our mouths water just thinking about it!

Below you’ll find the recipe to prepare a empanadas dough yourself. However, please feel free to experiment with the filling. We want to inspire you to create your own personal favorite empanada!

P.S In El Salvador, you often find the desert version of empanadas. Stuffed with sweet platanos they make up for a delicious dessert!