Ceviche Recipe


the simplest way to “cook” fish

How to prepare ceviche

This ceviche recipe could also have been titled “easiest and healthiest travel food EVER.”

We got our first taste of Ceviche in Peru (ceviche peruano). We couldn’t believe that fish was supposed to be “cooked” without heat. Back then, we blamed our confusion to our poor Spanish skills.

We encountered ceviche several times more and learned how to prepare it. Ceviche became one of our favorites not only for the taste and its availability. During our time in Nicaragua, we had our fair share of ceviche, too…

Fresh, fresher, freshest – ceviche!

Just buy fresh fish from a fisher when they come back in the morning. It won’t get any fresher or cheaper! Prepare it in the morning and let it sit until ready for dinner!

It embraces the flavor of fresh fish, and it is super easy to prepare. But, it is sure to ignite your taste buds! Use this ceviche recipe to make the perfect appetizer for summer.

Enjoy your Ceviche with a side of with tortilla or Maduro chips (you’ll find the recipe here next week). Alternatively, we also love some sweet potato on the side. The gentle side-complements the sour and fresh fish perfectly.

P.S Ceviche is low-cab, gluten-free, and healthy!