Zero Waste travel


How to go zero waste on the road

Traveling has long become a megatrend of today’s time. Our generation loves to travel, explore exotic destinations, and get to know the world. Tourism can be a powerful catalyst not only for economic development but also for intercultural exchange and friendships. However, traveling has not only brought glory. Especially lesser developed countries struggle to keep up with the resulting tons of waste.

Tourism pollution

Zanzibar, Tanzania has long established itself as a popular tourist destination. With its pristine waters, friendly inhabitants and proximity to mainland Tanzania, the island attracted 376,000 visitors (source: allAfrica) in 2017. Due to the lack of an organized waste management system, the big chunk of 96 000 metric tons per year was dumped in the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean. Imagine the impact on human, wild, and marine life.

We firmly believe in the positive power of traveling and therefore encourage everyone to make ethical and sustainable decisions while on the road. We try to reduce our impact at home and on the road. The changes we needed to make were simple ones. On top of that our backpacks became a lot lighter. To make it easier for future trips, we have assembled a list of our most loved eco-friendly travel products.