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Costa Rica Itinerary

A nature lover's paradise

Follow our Costa Rica itinerary

Duration: at least 3 weeks
Best time to travel: October – June
Budget: $75 per day

Costa Rica & Panama have long been the missing pieces to our Central American puzzle. So far, we skipped over Costa Rica as it seemed like tourism is already exceptionally developed, and the small country accommodates most tourists traveling to Central America. Many people travel to Costa Rica because of its beaches and lush rainforests. However, there is much more to this country than meets the eye. If you’re looking to get away from the typical tourist traps, here are some great things to do in Costa Rica that will give you an authentic experience of this beautiful country.


  • Wildlife 90% 90%
  • Beaches 100% 100%
  • Volcanos 110% 110%
  • Activities 100% 100%

Despite being famous for its environmental efforts and biodiversity, the greenery surpassed my imagination. Costa Rica’s pioneering efforts in protecting primary rainforests have more than paid off. The country between two stunning coasts is home to 28 national parks and 58 (!!) wildlife refuges. To those who know me, it might be no surprise that I fell in love with the Caribbean.  

Experience Costa Rica


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Why visit Costa Rica

Beaches in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Pacific coast

From breathtaking sunrises on the Caribbean to serene sunsets on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast: The beaches are as stunning as they are diverse. Until today, Costa Rica’s beaches are some of my favorite worldwide. The Pacific coast of Costa Rica is famous for its surfing beaches, fishing villages, and lush rainforests. The coastline stretches for about 800 miles and is home to many wildlife species. There are also several national parks along the coast that protect the ecosystems. Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast is also home to the famous tourist hub of Tamarindo. Compared to the Caribbean side, the pacific gets much more tourists. Despite hip accommodations, stunning sunsets, and fantastic surf spots, Costa Rica’s Pacific side is also home to several National Parks, such as Antonio National Park.

Visit Costa Rica’s Pacific Beaches:


beach in Agadir, Morocco
Morocco surfing

Costa Rica’s Caribbean

As I explored Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, my heart skipped a beat as the miles of white sandy beaches came into view. With lush rainforests and charming villages peppering the horizon, each step provided an enchanting blend of Jamaican, Spanish, and international vibes; this is truly some of the most breathtaking scenery in all the world!

Surfing in Costa Rica

As anyone who has spent time in Morocco can attest, the country’s coastline is absolutely stunning. With a diverse range of stunning beaches scattered along the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, you can find everything from gorgeous sun-soaked bays to rolling dunes and crystal clear lagoons. So whether you’re a dedicated water sports enthusiast or just looking for somewhere to relax on the beach with a good book, Morocco’s beaches have something for everyone.

Surfing in Costa Rica:


beach in Agadir, Morocco
Morocco surfing

Costa Rica’s stunning volcanos

Costa Rica is truly a volcanologist’s paradise! Did you know that Costa Rica is host to around 120 volcanoes, but only six of them are active? Kenya, Poas, Arenal, Irazu, Rincon de la Vieja and Turrialba volcanoes make up the six active volcanos in Costa Rica. Of these volcanos, some of the most popular tourist destinations include the iconic Poas Volcano with its spectacular geysers and steam vents and Arenal soaring high over Lake Arenal. The nature surrounding these volcanos is simply breathtaking. From orchids to tropical birds and monkeys to jaguars – there is an abundance of wildlife living in these incredible landscapes.

Bribri Culture

Costa Rica is truly a land of wonders, with its incredible landscapes ranging from misty cloud forests and luscious rainforests to sun-drenched beaches and rolling green hills. Beyond this beauty lies something truly special – its people and culture – and one group stands above the rest: the Bribri. Embedded deep in the southern Caribbean of Costa Rica at the border of Panama, Bribri is the largest indigenous population in the country, blossoming in isolated areas such as the storm-felled Talamanca Mountain range and serene southern islands. A visit to Bribri promises an experience like no other, with fascinating encounters sure to cast memories long after your return home. It’s a chance to connect with cultures that have been around since time immemorial, experiencing first-hand the very essence of peace and exultation which Costa Rica has become so widely known for in today’s day and age.

beach in Agadir, Morocco

Get ready to travel Costa Rica

Language: Spanish
Currency: Costa Rican Colones & US Dollars

Public Transport in Costa Rica

The buses in Costa Rica provide a great way to explore the country! It’s very important to know, however, that they are owned and operated by private companies. There’s a vast range of different choices, each with its own set rates, stops, routes, and times. Plus, each company has its own bus terminal so make sure you double-check the company of your desired route and where its terminal location is. With so many companies offering varying services it opens up lots of possibilities for exploring Costa Rica on a budget!

Public Bus: The stop for buses to basically anywhere leave from any bigger city. I couldn’t find a schedule. They seem to go more frequently than the Knutsford.

Knutsford: Jamaica’s luxury bus connects more significant destinations. Be aware that the time stated refers to calculated driving time and not the actual time to reach a destination. Adding to the driving time are stops and bus switches which are not apparent when buying the ticket. Due to Covid, there are fewer buses than usual, and it is better to buy the ticket online.

When is the best time to travel Costa Rica?

The best time to visit Costa Rica is between December and April when there’s minimal rainfall and bright sunny skies. We’d also recommend planning a trip during Costa Rica’s green season, which runs from May to June and November; whilst there’s still some rain at this time, you’ll benefit from less bustling national parks, making wildlife spotting a breeze! It doesn’t matter which season or month you select for your travels – temperature wise, you can expect warm days with highs ranging between 74°F and 79°F, though naturally come prepared for any rain showers that may arise throughout your stay. No matter when you’re visiting, it’s important to remember that the rainfall ultimately makes Costa Rica look so lush and vibrant – enjoy it while being safe in the knowledge that sunshine will never be far away!

How safe is Costa Rica for travelers?

Costa Rica is an ideal place to begin if you want to start your Central American travel journey. According to the Global Peace Index, Costa Rica is the most peaceful country in Central America and the safest in Latin America. Its violent crime rate is low, and has high political stability, making travel a safe and secure experience. Although additional precautions should be taken into account when visiting any location – such as traveling by Uber or Taxi after dark and avoiding walking alone in isolated areas – you can rest assured that safety will not be a primary concern if you choose Costa Rica as your first destination.

Internet & Phone

Costa Rica boasts an impressive network of 3G, 4G, and 4.5G cell phone towers offering travelers reliable internet access and the ability to make local calls in most places around the country. For those tackling Costa Rica’s rugged terrain – such as mountain ranges and dense forests – you may find yourself out of coverage at times. Fortunately, tourist destinations generally offer solid coverage with major highways and popular secondary roads also sporting a good signal. However, it is wise to remain prepared for spotty zones along your travels. The biggest phone provider is Kolbi, but Movistar and Claro are picking up and have become very popular over the years. 

Tap water in Costa Rica

Traveling to Costa Rica can be an experience of a lifetime! With its gorgeous beaches, lush forests, and diverse wildlife, what’s not to love? Tap water in many parts of Costa Rica is safe to drink. However, it’s best to avoid drinking tap water from beach destinations. The perfect solution is traveling with a LifeStraw bottle: not only does it help reduce your single-use plastic consumption, but its built-in filters will ensure you never get sick from drinking contaminated water!

Biggest challenges for the responsible traveler

Trash: Many restaurants and street food serve it in to-go boxes. Luckily enough, a foldable food container will go a long way. 

Sunscreen: Protect Costa Rica’s coast by using reef-friendly sunscreen.

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Packing Costa Rica

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