Snake charmer in Marrakesh


Discover Morocco’s Royal Cities


Morocco’s population is made up of Berbers and Arabs. Both contributing to the rich traditions still practiced today. Wherever we went, people proudly demonstrated us their traditions, their heritage. Moroccans proud themselves in beings extraordinary artisans.

It is one of the most modern Arab countries. We have been thought that Islam practiced in Morroco differs quite a lot from the more conservative Islam. While you can not enter any mosques, there are minimal restrictions for non-Muslims.

Delicate and extraordinary architecture, marvelous Riads, colorful markets, and incredible landscape. Morocco offers all that. Dani had visited Morocco before and already had a little crush. Morocco is perceptible by the senses. Your eyes will be overwhelmed by all the colors and ornaments, the Morrocan cuisine with its unique mix of sweet and hefty, the intense smells of the medina. Moroccans are hospitable, open, and extroverted (sometimes a little too much). This time around, we visited Fez, Chefchouen, and Meknes. While we felt like we went on a time journey and were mesmerized, traveling Morocco has not been all that easy.



Marrakesh Skyline

Marrakesh - the dream of 1001 nights

Marrakesh mesmerized me from the second we left the cab. Surrounded by "guides" eager to lead us to our Riad. Never would we have found our Riad ourselves, even though the taxi left us only about 300 m from the entrance. The unimposing door was hiding the beautifully decorated and colorful Riad. We were confronted with the incredible detail of Moroccan style. We stood there with our mouths open. Deeply impressed and taken aback by so many impressions, so much beauty.
Heri es Souani in Meknes, Morocco

Meknes - authentic vibes between beauty and roughness

After visiting the blue medina of Chefchaouen, we were off for a more authentic experience. Meknès is not as often visited as its glamorous neighbor Fez. We really can't understand why. To us, Meknès was a fascinating city to visit. It's not as busy or big as its famous neighbor Meknes, but that only adds to its charm.
Dani in Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen - Morocco's blue city

Fez has been lovely. We had a great time roaming the medina's maze. But Chefauchouen has been calling us. Many travelers have enthused by the charm of the blue city. Of course, we were eager to discover the blue town for ourselves.
Walls of Fez's medina

Fez, Morocco - an insider guide to the medina's maze

Fez's old city, the medina consists of more than 9400 alleys. Some of them more extensive, some of them so narrow you almost didn't recognise it them as a path. Moroccans are proud of their traditions and heritage. As you roam through the streets, you'll be able to watch artisans apply century old traditions. Fez, one of the four royal cities of Morocco was home to respected Imans, artists and scholars is a proud, confident city. It felt cosmopolitan and yet quaint at the same time.