Tobacco Caye, Belize voew from boat


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The tiny country is the only English speaking one in all of Central America. Only about 374 000 people call Belize their home. Belize offers a lot more than just pristine beaches and over 160 Cayes. Belize’s green West promises jungle adventures and is an easy getaway to Guatemala. We have visited Belize twice but hope to be back a third time!

Responsible Tourism in Belize
Travel Belize: San Ignacio, Belize Travel

San Ignacio, Belize - Wild rivers, Maya ruins &latino vibes

San Ignacio and it's twin town Santa Elena form the heart of the "Cayo" district. While there is a comfortable touristic infrastructure, San Ignacio manages to maintain an authentic and vibrating charm. Contrary to the coastal part of Belize, Spanish is most widely spoken. San Ignacio is surrounded by lush vegetation, fast flowing rivers, Maya ruins, and caves. There are lots to do in this lively little town!
Caye Caulker Shark alley

Caye Caulker - backpacking and diving haven

Caye Caulker, Belize's backpacking hotspot charms it's visitors with its easy going and fun vibes. It's an excellent place to get to know Belize. While it is far from representative, it shows you the fun, carefree side of life. Creole, Rastafaris, and travelers perfectly blend. On top of that, Caye Caulker offers several amazing things to do.
Travel Belize and Discover Tobacco Caye, Belize voew from boat

Tobacco Caye - Caribbean paradise ?

Tobacco Caye is so small in size but holds so much for those who are open to it! It's an island with a heart and a soul which we hold really dear. On top of that, it is surrounded by some of the most turquoise water you'll ever see!
Travel Belize: Sign in Hopkins

Hopkins, Belize's Garifuna culture hub

Travel to Belize and discover Hopkins. Hopkins is a place for the soul, a place which has to be felt to adequately describe its charm. It's perhaps the place to learn about Garifuna culture and everything that comes with it passionate the passionate Punta dance, delicious food, and a distinct lifestyle.
Copan, Honduras
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Copan - a pleasant if not surprising stop in Honduras

We traveled to Central America a couple of times and had the chance to see several Maya sites along the way. Each impressive in its own way. Contrary to other Maya ruins across Central America. You'll often have Copan to yourself. The mysterious archaeological site boasts remarkable hieroglyphics and sculptures. On top of that, the town of Copan itself is drop-dead charming.