a place for the soul

A travel guide to Belize’s Garifuna culture hub

Hopkins welcomed us with a spectacular blood moon on the night of our arrival. A breathtaking natural phenomenon! However, contrary to the bloody moon, Hopkins may not be the most spectacular place in Belize. A single unknown street, lined with mostly locally owned guesthouses and some small restaurants form the center of the village. At the end of it, you’ll find a supermarket. That’s it. Hopkins’ miles long natural beaches are not the typical Caribbean-beach destination.

Hopkins, Belize where life goes slow

Yet, Dani really wanted to introduce Lauri to Hopkins, because it is a place for the soul which has to be felt to adequately describe its charm and vibe. It is a fantastic place to dive into Garifuna culture and everything that comes with it: Punta dances, delicious food, and a distinct lifestyle and values.

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