The smallest island we have ever visited

A travel guide to our favorite Caye in Belize

The tiny Caribbean island lays just 12 miles off the shores of Dangriga- a 40-minute boat ride. Without a doubt, the setting of Tobacco Caye is paradisical. The tiny island, seems to sit on pink Conch shells, is surrounded by some of the most pristine water you’ll ever see. Tobacco Caye might have been the most unique place we visited during our trip through Belize. Dani visited Tobacco Caye the year before and felt a very special connection to the island and its about 15 permanent inhabitants.

Caribbean vibes on Tobacco Caye

Tobacco Caye is an island destination like no other. Why? Compared to other island destinations, dominated by resorts and luxury, Tobacco Caye has maintained its authentic charm. If you are up to it, you’ll be able to participate in islands life. Its inhabitants will welcome you with open arms, and over some community meals and activities, you’ll be able to understand how the island life shapes its people.

Belize’s Central Cayes

Belize’s Central Cayes are much less visited than the Cayes up North. Tobacco’s prime location within the Great Barrier Reef offers incredible diving and snorkeling opportunities. The crystal clear water surrounding the island shimmers in blue and turquoise. The island is so small; it will take you about 5 minutes to circle to the whole island by foot.

Tobacco Caye is so small in size but holds so much for those who are open to it!  It’s a place not made for everyone, but to us, it’s extraordinary. We have learned a lot about ourselves, also. Tobacco will always be calling for us!

P.S The Caye may be tiny, but make sure to check out our “good to know” to make your experience extra amazing!

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