Sansibars Strände: Nungwi

Sansibar, Afrika

We loved mainland Tanzania, and the experiences made surpassed our imagination. We could not have been more happy about our time spent there. It wasn’t after rushing to get our connecting flight from Dar to Zanzibar that we set on the airplane and realized how exhausted we were. While in final descent we were surprised by the size of Zanzibar. It seemed huge! So naturally, Zanzibar offers plenty of things to do. We did not have an itinerary planned (as always: no plan is the best plan) and ended up visiting:
Swahili Wörterbuch - Reise Tansania

Kleines Wörterbuch Swahili

Die Sprache wird Suaheli, Kisuaheli, Swahili oder Kiswahili genannt. Swahili wird in vielen Ländern Afrikas gesprochen....