Isla Ometepe: horse in Lago Nicaragua

People of Nicaragua


Nicaragua translates into “here united with water.” Nicaragua, which is also often called “land of the poets,” is the poorest country in Central America. Family and “dignitad” (personal dignity) is crucial to Nicaraguans.

We have gotten to know the Nicaraguans as extremely cultural-savvy and passionate.

Sadly, the 2018 protests and turmoils have sent the country to a crisis. Even though the situation has calmed down, tourists still avoid the country.


People of Nicaragua

Wally - the quaint expat

Wally, who was born in Iraq first came to Nicaragua 11 years ago. When you first meet him, the gentle soul seems unimposing, but as so often the first perception is misleading. Wally is actually an all-or-nothing kind of person. He follows his intuition and always gives it his everything. Listening to his path in Nicaragua was impressive. He originally came to Nicaragua on vacation but was captivated by the openness of the people and ended up moving his life from Bagdad to Nicaragua.
People of Nicaragua

Hector - 8 seconds of adrenaline

Rodeo, Nicaragua’s national sport only has one goal: lasting on the wild bull for at least 8 seconds. The rules are simple, but the oughts are against the rider. Eight seconds don’t seem too long, but they take everything from the courageous rider feel like an eternity. To Hector, bull riding has long become his elixir of life.