People of Morocco': Arabs and Berber

People of Morocco

Morocco is considered one of the most Western-oriented society in the Arab world. It’s known for its open and modern Islam.

Morocco more of a Berber country with heavy influences of the Arabic culture. Have of Morocco speaks Berber. The New York times called Morocco “the most pluralistic society in the Arab world.” Women also often have a much higher status compared to other Middle Eastern countries.

Berbers vs. Arabs in Morocco

Morocco’s people are as diverse as the country itself. The Berbers who have been indigenous to Morocco were influenced by the Arbs and even the Spanish. Today, most Moroccans claim to have either Berber or Arabic decedents. Even though Arabs and Berbers live nearby, they have their distinct culture and traditions.

Berbers often live in the mountain regions while Arabs inhabit the city. Both groups have their own language. However, Berber is more of an oral language. The Berbers have been indigenous to the region whereas the Arbs invaded Morocco.




People of Morocco

Mohammed - The eloquent Berber in the big city

The extroverted young Berber thought himself how to speak for languages. On top of that, he is extremely curious but he never asked himself if he would like to live elsewhere in the world.
People of Morocco