Gallo Pinto recipe

Food culture in Nicaragua

– Eat like a local –


Nicaraguan cuisine is simple, yet diverse. The Gallo Pinto is not just a mixture of rice and beans. Cooked in coconut milk, the rice gets a soft coconut aroma and makes the traditional food the perfect side dish for every dish.

Nicaragua’s national dish:

Gallo Pinto

Essential ingredients

rice, beans, plantains and (of course) meat

Dining Etiquette

There is no particular dining etiquette. The portions in Nicaragua are huge and very cheap. In Nicaragua, people like to take a piece of white cheese with their coffee. Don’t be surprised ;)


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Gallo Pinto recipe

Gallo Pinto Recipe - THE Nicaraguan dish

When you travel to Nicaragua, there is no way around Gallo Pinto. It's basically the Nicaraguan national dish. The Nicas have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Gallo pinto accompanies almost any dish. Don't let the name mislead you the "spotted rooster" is a 100% vegetarian dish.