Changemaker Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s Changemaker

Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America and faces many socio-economic challenges. The turmoils of 2018 have clearly demonstrated that Nicaraguans strive for a better life. Meet Nicaragua’s innovative changemakers who through bright ideas, improve livelihoods.


Social Business Nucaragua

Solubrite - how the sun changes lifes

Imagine a life without electricity. Really think it through for one minute... Imagine, if you couldn't quickly switch on the lights, refrigerate your food, turn on the stove, enjoy a hot shower in the morning, charge your phone nor enjoy any electronic entertainment devices.
Social Business Nicaragua

REMO - a small organization is tackling the big problems

REMO stand for “Red de Mujeres de Ometepe“ which translates into “Women’s network Ometepe.” Founded by the island women, the organization focuses on supporting women who suffer from domestic or sexual abuse.