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Food culture in Morocco

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Morocco’s national dish: Tagine & couscous

Moroccan cuisine is colorful and varied, just like the roots of its food culture. The first rustic influences come from Berber cuisine, the first inhabitants of Morocco. Especially refined by Arabic and Andalusian cuisine, Moroccan dishes promise a real explosion of taste.

Morocco’s essential ingredients: 

Cinnamon, saffron, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger.

Moroccan Dining Etiquette:

Moroccans love to invite you to dinner with the whole family. Come with an empty stomach; otherwise, the host might be disappointed. Street food is often eaten with the fingers. However, careful to only use the right hand. Don’t forget Morocco’s “national drink” which is consumed after each meal.


Taginerecipe Morocconationaldish

Tagine - a one pot dish rich in flavors

Traditionally a tagine is prepared in a clay or ceramic pot which is closed with a cone-shaped cover. We have seen Moroccans use this pot for everything, even fried egg. If you don't have a tagine pot on hand, don't worry!
Preserved lemons recipe

Preserved lemons - the super flavor of Moroccan cuisine

We have to admit: we were a little surprised to find a slice of what seemed like "cooked lemon" admits our tagine. A little skeptical, we tried it and were surprised by the texture and gentle, yet refreshing taste. Preserved lemons are super easy to prepare, but we promise you they will make any good Moroccan dish an extraordinary one!