Pupusas Recipe

El Salvador’s food culture

– Eat like a local –

El Salvadorians love to eat. The cuisine is a mixture of indigenous and Spanish influences. Local products such as yuca and beans form the basis of almost any dish. El Salvador is also the only country in the world which eats its national flower, the Flor de Izote. Besides the famous pupusas, El Salvador’s cuisine is quite diverse, offering everything from exotic street food to hearty meat stews.  The best street food can be found along the Ruta de las Flores. On the weekend food markets attract local and foreign visitors alike with their unique food offerings. El Salvador is on the pricey side, if traveling on a budget, pupusas will become your best friend. Alternatively, try local comedores whenever you get a chance to! The food there is tasty, diverse, and economical!

El Salvador’s national dish


El Salvador’s essential ingredients

Corn, beans, yuca, and cheese

Dining etiquette

There is no particular food etiquette in El Salvador. Enjoy your meal!


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Pupusas Recipe

Pupusas recipe - El Salvador's national dish

Pupusas - without a doubt our most frequently eaten dish in El Salvador! Pupusas are not only the cheapest, easiest and most commonly found dish in El Salvador, but they also come with various fillings. Accompanied with a spicey cabbage-carrot salad, Pupusas can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner.