Responsible Travel and AirBnb
Reef friendly sun screens
Over-tourism: crowded beach
Zero Waste travel

Zero waste traveling - The pack list for sustainable traveling

We firmly believe in the positive power of traveling and therefore encourage everyone to make ethical and sustainable decisions while on the road. To make it easier for future trips, we have assembled a list of our most loved eco-friendly travel products.
Packing list Ecuador

Ecuador Packing list

Packing for our travel to Ecuador in December turned out to be quite a challenge. For once we were planning on spending lots of time on the Galapagos islands, and secondly, we were planning on visiting the mainland and Quito, which lies high up in the Andes. With so many climates to cover the onion-style is vital!
Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel - the art of being a guest

Being a responsible traveler doesn't necessarily mean you have to give up in comfort. It's about cultural, social and environmental awareness. Responsible travel is understanding the effect on the places you travel to, may it be in the environment or its people.

Unique books to spark your wanderlust for Latin America

We love when a book takes us to far-off places, introduces us to inspirational characters and foreign places. On our trips, we often choose books, written by local authors, or at least playing in the region. Here's a list of our favorite books to spark your wanderlust for Latin America.