Tigrillo in Canoa, Ecuador, a foodie haven

Food culture Ecuador

– Eat like a local –

The food in Ecuador is impressively versatile and varied. Just like the small country itself. Depending on the region and climate zone, the many delicious dishes in Ecuador vary greatly.
Besides extraordinary specialties from the Andes highlands, such as cuy (guinea pig), fresh fish and seafood await you on the Pacific coast. Of course, Ceviche is also a specialty in Ecuador.
When you finally have the opportunity to live with indigenous people in the Amazon, you will find recipes you won’t find anywhere else, such as piranhas.
There is no single, typical national dish in Ecuador.

Ecuador’s national dishes:

All Grilled, Ceviche, Soups & Stews
Encebollado – Soup with fish, onions, and yuca
Maiz – roasted corn as the basis for many dishes

Main Ingredients

  • Maiz
  • plantains
  • meat

Food – Etiquette

There is no particular food etiquette. Ecuador is a food paradise, and Ecuadorians love their food. Above all, the many street food stalls invite you to linger. Just follow the example of the locals and enjoy the delicacies of the country without restraint!



Tigrillo in Canoa, Ecuador, a foodie haven