Garifuna culture in Hopkins, Belize

People of Belize

Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America. It is as diverse as it is tiny. Whereas the Garifuna often live by the Carribean coast, Belize’s wild west has more of a Latino population. Life is slow and relaxed in Belize, and so are the locals. Especially in the Coastal area, you’ll meet lots of Rastas from Garifuna and Creole descent.


People of Belize

Captain Doggy - from Belize City to the Cayes

Doogy is probably the coolest captain you could wish for on a boat trip to the paradisiac Cayes. We could feel that he found his fulfillment as Captain Doggy. The Captain Lifestyle has changed his life and shaped his values. When he grew up in the streets of Belize City, he was already nicknamed Doggy.
Garifuna in Belize

Dan Man - Garinagu to the bone

Originally from the notorious Belize City, Dan has also lived in the United States for seven years. During this time he faced harsh criticism for being a Rasta. He was forced to cut his beard and dreadlocks to fit in and find work. After 7 years he returned to his home country and settled in the quiet village of Hopkins.