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Food culture in Belize

– Eat like a local –

Belizean food is just delicious, and a welcomed alternative to other Central American countries. Influenced by the Mayan, Mexican and Creole cuisine, Belize’s traditional food promises an exotic and delightful taste experience. Traditional Garinagu dishes create a new explosion of tastes. To refresh yourself try some of the Coconuts, mangoes or local rum.

Belize’s national dish

Belizian rice and beans

Belize’s essential ingredients

rice, beans, and fish

Dining – Etiquette

There is no particular etiquette for visitors. Yet, you’ll notice that Garinagu men often don’t eat with women in attendance.


Coconut Rice recipe

Coconut rice recipe -a Caribbean basic

Nothing tastes more like the Caribbean than coconut rice and fresh fish. When we visited Belize coconut rice and beans were our constant companions. If you feel like bringing some exotic flavors to your rice dish, this recipe is for you! It's super easy to prepare and will add a mild coconut flavor!
Belizian stewed beans

Stewed beans recipe - Belizean-style

Beans are a typical side dish all over Central and South America. A side of beans accompanies almost any meal from breakfast to dinner. As you traveled across the countries, you might have noticed that the preparation is specific to the countries.