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Kingston’s best beaches

Before coming to Kingston, I didn’t expect any great beaches. During my first visit, I didn’t even attempt to hang out by the beaches as the city offered way too many things to do, and I also didn’t expect the beaches around Kingston to be so fun, beautiful, and full of vibes.

Treasure Beach Jamaica

Treasure Beach, a mid-sized community, consisting of locals and ex-pats, features several beautiful beaches with distinct vibes. I loved that I could choose between famous beaches with a party vibe and deserted stretches of the beach whenever I was seeking tranquility.

Belmont, Jamaica

I left Negril seeking a more peaceful and authentic experience further South. Belmont seemed like the perfect option! About midway to Treasure Beach, Belmont comes alive on the weekends and is quiet during the week. Belmont is stretched along the Highway and consists of charming restaurants, bars, and Berry selling the best pudding in town.

Backpacking Montego Bay

I was a little weary of Montego as it seems such a popular all-inclusive spot. However, the city quickly grew on me. Montego was the perfect starting point for my trip to Jamaica. Its touristic infrastructure allows you to settle in quite quickly while downtown affords you glimpses into real Jamaican city life!

Pearl of the Indian ocean – Best beaches in Zanzibar

The beaches in Zanzibar are stunning. White palm trees seam white sandy beaches with perfectly turquoise water. Even though Zanzibar has been a popular tourist destination for quite some time, you'll still find authentic, quiet villages and empty beaches.


Kololi Gambias sex-tourism capital

Kololi is only a 20-minute ride from Banjul’s airport, and as most flights arrive at night, many visitors opt for the convenience of the mid-sized town. As a result, you won’t only find a good selection of accommodations but tons of restaurants, bars, and clubs.

Kololi 3