Responsible Travel Tips: How to choose the right Airbnb

Airbnb and its implications on destinations are often mentioned in a sentence with over-tourism.

As with many things, the mass commercialization of Airbnb has made it a two-sided sword. We have talked extensively about the pros and cons of destinations on Airbnb before, but for us travelers, there is also a different dimension to it: comfort &safety.


tanzania travel Zanzibar beaches
tanzania travel Zanzibar beaches
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So why not amplify the benefits of Airbnb by choosing it more responsibly?

Airbnb might have become the go-to App for many. It’s easy to use, provides excellent accommodations, and often lower prices. Reviews and customer service add to the appeal.

It’d be a shame to give up AirBnB altogether, considering the positive impacts it can have and the comfort it provides.

We often have sad that to be a more responsible traveler; you don’t need to give up on all comfort and camp in the woods. Small changes in how you go about the trip can make a big difference.

After all, it can provide significant local experiences, a tap into tourism dollars, and less tourism leakage!

Hopkins, Belize: Colorful house

4 easy steps to choose your Airbnb more responsibly :

1.  Avoid staying in Airbnb in places where over-tourism already has taken its toll.
People in big cities such as Berlin, Barcelona, and Paris are protesting against the uncontrolled Airbnbs. Entire towns and neighborhoods are changing because investors have bought up apartments are renting them to tourists.

2. Choose to rent a room instead of an entire apartment
By choosing a room over an apartment, you are likely to reduce the chances that this place solely exists for the purpose of tourists. And as a big plus: you’ll be able to get local insights from your host.

3. Read the description carefully
Often you’ll find hints as to who is owning and running this AirBnB. Make sure the listing is 100% owned by locals. With your decision, you make sure that your tourism dollars are likely to stay in the country and benefit it.

4. Wander off the beaten track
Did you find the most fantastic place but it seems too far off your original route? So often it’s worth to change your plans! Even or especially if your chosen property is the only one in the area. You’ll get the most authentic experience and be able to not just oversee but to participate in daily life. We’ve often made the experience that people in rarely visited neighborhoods or places react with friendly curiosity.

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