Granada’s passionate neighbor

An insider’s travel guide to Masaya

From the admittedly touristy, but still beautiful Granada, we set off to Nicaragua’s cultural and folklore capital, Masaya. The bubbly city is famous for its passion for music, dance and traditional crafts. Stroll around and discover the colorful corners of this ingenious influenced small town.

A city to linger

Masaya will surprise you with its creative diversity and authentic charm. To us, it is unique because it manages to be relaxed and vibrant at the same time. It’s the perfect spot to stay a bit longer to get to know the Nicas a bit better.

For some reason, Masaya is not as popular among tourists as neighboring Granada. However, we can only urge you to actually spent some time in this charming town. Masaya is a creative and artistic city with a history-affine population. You’ll be greeted with open arms and hearts. Dive in and listen to to the stories of Masaya’s friendly locals.

The base for exciting day-trips

Masaya is surrounded by stunning nature. Observing the glowing lava coming out of Volcano Masaya was breathtaking – definitely, one of the most amazing sights we have ever seen! Laguna Apoyo, a volcanic crater lake not too far away from Masaya, offers interesting hikes and crystal clear waters!

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