Calvario chruch in Léon, Nicaragua

Léon, Nicaragua

Home of poerty and revolution

A travel guide to Nicaragua’s most exciting city

Contrary to Granada, Nicaragua’s second largest city, Léon feels much more authentic and is not overrun by tourists. The gorgeous town manages to maintain its genuine charm and its intense passion for poetry. The love for poetry is special to Léon. There might not be another city in the world with such a powerful collective consciousness for poetry.

Our love affair with Léon started on Valentine’s day. We arrived pretty late (as usual) and could not resist getting a first glimpse of the city after dark. We were mesmerized by the majestically exposed churches and the lively streets.

Nicaragua at its fiercest

The city is also home to Nicaragua’s first university. It’s the students who fuel the vivid energy of the city. Léon is considered the ground zero for the Sandinista movement, and possibly the most politically progressive city in Nicaragua. The impact of the revolution is visible through numerous memorials across town. León, to us, is Nicaragua at its fiercest.

Wild volcano rides in Léon

Just outside of Léon, numerous volcanos wait for you to climb or surf them. And as if this wasn’t enough, some of Nicaragua’s most beautiful beach and surf spots are just around the corner.

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