Copan, Honduras


a pleasant if not surprising stop in Honduras

A travel guide to Copan’s Maya ruins

We were not really ready yet to leave El Salvador and not sure how to, either. Visiting Copan Ruinas was an unplanned and spontaneous decsion. We saw several shuttle services in Santa Ana offering the ride for 20$ each. However, we enjoy slow traveling and the company of locals, so we decided to jump on several buses and travel to Copan via Guatemala.

Maya Ruins in Central America

We have been to Central America a couple of times and had the chance to see several Maya sites along the way. Each impressive in its own way. Guatemala’s Tikkal displays the magnitude of the former empire. You can hike and walk around all day. The ruins in Tulum, Mexiko on the other hand, while much smaller arise on top of a cliff overlooking pristine turquoise Caribbean. You’ll even find a small beach below the ruins. Chichen Itza, Mexico impresses with its magnificent, tall temple and is often overcrowded by other travelers.

Copan’s unique charm

Copan, Honduras, however, keeps its own charm. We love to travel a bit off the beaten path and were quite surprised to find one of Honduras’ travel hotspot not overrun by tourists. When we visited the Maya ruins of Copan, we almost had the whole park to ourselves. Copan is not huge in size, but it radiates quietness. You’ll be able to spot colorful parrots and other birds. On top of that, the town of Copan is drop dead charming! Copan offers plenty of things to do and will most likely make you want to stay much longer.

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