Suchitoto, El Salvador colorful houses


The place of flowers and birds

A travel guide to Suchitoto – El Salvador’s finest city

Suchitoto almost feels like a little journey in time and space after we visited busy San Salvador. The city’s name originates from the Nahual language and translates into “place of flowers and birds.” Known as the cultural capital, Suchi’s colorful historic houses are home to art galleries, boutique hostels, and NGOs.

As you wander around the cobblestone streets the tiny town charms you with its tranquil vibe. It’s affectionately planted, and decorated streets and its laid-back inhabitants radiate an authentic appeal.

Located just 50 km northeast of San Salvador, Suchitoto is often visited the weekends when streets come alive for arts and food festivals.

From a turbulent past to a flourishing future

Guanaco pride is celebrated the lived in Suchitoto. Everyone we met told us affectionately how Suchi must be the best place to live in all of El Salvador. On top of that, little Suchitoto offers and exciting surrounding for outdoor and history enthusiasts.

El Salvador’s largest artificial lake, Lago Suchitlán affords visitors with relaxing walks and excellent bird watching.

The more active and history-interested shouldn’t miss a hike of volcán Guazapa, a former guerrilla stronghold.

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